Thursday, January 14, 2010

when the Inversion Is Gone!

I have been driving to work in the dark and home in the dark. This time of year is sometimes depressing. BLahhhh.

Before my brother headed back for Texas we decided to head up to the mountains and hit the ski resort. I did my fair share of hitting. Especially my noggin'. Good thing I wore a helmet, who cares about fashion. Yep that is me looking pretty silly in the helmet. I spent the day trying desperately not to fall. I was snowboarding, for the 3rd time. Not experienced by any means. I didn't really fall all the time, but one time I hit my head hard. I almost puked there on the slope.

I love our beautiful mountains. I wish we could actually see them again. Praying for a storm to blow the nasty inversion AWAY!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Um... I wish I could say that looks like fun, but you won't be hearing that from this scardy-cat city girl. Nope. But the moutains look BEAUTIFUL!

Mrs. NB

Cowboy mom said...

I love the pictures. I've been skiing one time, And it was a date, and I couldn't stay on my skis fer nothin'. Roger loves to ski. He worked at a ski resort one winter durring his college days. I haven't skiid since but I do love the purety of light in the mountains durring the winter. Nothing better.

Boy Mom said...

Timp was so beautiful the other day, and the air so clear I felt like I could reach out and touch it.

I love our mountains!

What? You look absolutely adorable in the helmet. Next year I'll cross country ski with you if you want, no helmets necessary and amazing exercise.