Friday, August 21, 2009

Hooray !! ( ? ) I had a birthday

Hooray, not! 39th, arrgh
Well maybe hooray, I received lots of love.

It all started with some vitamin X. What is that? It is me and my hubby sneaking to bed just a little early. I'll leave it at that. No pictures sorry.
On facebook I was greeted with numerous birthday wishes. It was fun to read all the birthday salutations. Some from people I haven't seen in 10+ years. Thank you!

I had to work on my birthday, arrgh! Oh well, it is really just another day right? While at work my dearest friend ( boy mom ) came in with my requested birthday cake. She is so awesome. It was a made from scratch German chocolate cake, my favorite, and coffee ice cream to boot. I requested that too, selfish huh!! Sometimes you get your cake and get to eat it too. Not me, I had just started a lengthy procedure. She said the cake was still warm. Ooo.... everyone that walked through my department was drooling. I told them to dig in. Everyone refused until I was able to have some first. What great co-workers.

Can you believe I forgot to take a picture before cutting into it?

Looks yummy, huh! Are you jealous? Wait til you see me eating it.

So delicious and still warm. Are you jealous now? Thank you Boy Mom, everyone loved it. We all want the recipe, that is if you are willing to share.

I also received a gourmet candied apple and chocolate covered Cinnamon bears from Michelle, a co-worker, Thanks!

My sister has been having a tough time lately and wasn't able to buy me a gift. I told her if she didn't mind tending my little ones for a hour so I could go for a run that would be a great gift.

Yes! I went for 41/2 mile run on my birthday and it was great. I had to burn all those cake and ice cream calories, present and to come. It was a big cake.

My hubby suggested pizza for dinner so we didn't have to cook, I wasn't gonna pass that offer up. I ordered a pesto pizza, with fresh tomato's and chicken. Oh you got to try it sometime.

Upon arriving home I found a beautiful flower arrangement. I love fresh flowers. He spoils me every year with an arrangement. I love him so much!

My in laws gave me raw cocoa. It is supposed to be the best ever! (it is some healthy, hippie, antioxidant stuff). Well it is, she has made me fudge using it before. But now she says I can make my own. What? Where is the fun in that! Just kiddin' . I am excited to use it. Maybe I'll give it to boy mom to make me more CAKE, um just a thought.

Another day older, I can deal with it. After all I was lavished with fresh flowers and chocolate.

Oh wait, all you bloggers are gonna be jealous, there is more. Just as I was headed to bed my oldest came in with a small but precious gift.

This unclear photo was taken with my cell phone, if you can't read it , it says 16 GB. Wow, I got to load this into the digital camera. I was excited. Bring on endless pictures.

Then to top it all off. The next afternoon I went with a couple of dear friends ( boy mom and my sister ) to get pedicures. What fun it is to get happy feet! Don't our feet look happy. If your feet are happy the rest of you is happy.

I can't wait 'til next year. You are welcome to come.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What No Chocolate or Caffeine

So to begin, I have horrible sinuses. In the last 14 yrs I have had 2 sinus surgeries. If you have ever had sinus surgery you feel my pain. I must admit that it has been a while since the last surgery, uhm 10yrs maybe. I have done pretty well, I say that only because I have avoided surgery again. The sinus infections still come. They are like a storm swell. Sometimes I just accept all the pain and congestion and go on with life. Then there are times like the recent bout, multiple antibiotic courses, I feel much better while on the drugs. So I decide to go see the ENT doctor again. Of course the ENT doctor isn't available, so I see his PA. Nothing against the PA, I didn't feel well, I wanted the real thing. Oh well, so the PA reviews my history and checks my ears, nose, and throat( ENT) duh, because that is his job decsription. So he asks what I am doing to treat my symptoms. Here comes the list : claritin, nasal steriods, mucinex D, nasal rinses........ He says your doing everything you need to do. So he gives me 30 day course of .... antibiotics. I take the new drug and start feeling better. But to no avail 1 week off the antibiotic treatment I start to feel the crud coming back.

So back for a follow up, with the PA. He says since it has been a few years I had better get a CT of my sinuses. Since I do CT scans as my job, I get the test done the next day. I am sure my dedcutible is met now. $$$$$$ NO freebies at my work.

The CT shows mucous thicking- snot - on the RT side. I really didn't need a CT for that. Days later, after the PA and doctor review the results they decide I should come back in for a culture of the sinus. Goodie what fun, I 've been there done that.

So, I go in for the culture. Yea, I finaly get to see the infamous doctor for 10 minutes. He sticks this tiny q-tipped wire up and in my Rt maxilary sinus. He says, "this might cause some pain and pressure in the teeth and your eye." OUCH!! Eyes watering. "How is the Lt side?", he asks. Do I dare answer. I hadn't any antibiotics for 4 weeks, of course there are ooggie boogeies there too. I leave the office with both eyes watering.

Wait ... for results.

"+ 3 staph, and + haemapholus ........, " something like that. MORE antibiotics, this time targeted for these particular boogies.

I am stupid. " I read the drug info. " Take 500mg 2x a day for 15 days. No milk or yogurt, unless with a full meal. Don't take vitamins within 6hrs before or 2 hrs after medication. NO CHOCOLATE or CAFFEINE." " What are you kidding me!!!!!"

Only 10 days left.

Lets see, I saw the PA on the 8tht of July. We could of just cultured my sinuses then. Skipped the CT; used the $90 ( co-pays) and $200+( CT ) for school clothes, and be done with the antibiotics and eating chocolate. I can live with out the DR. PEPPER, maybe.

I am gonna eat german chocolate cake --made by Boy Mom-- on my B-day, I don't care!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shout Out

It is BOY MOM's birthday!

Eventhough I don't have very many followers there are a few of you, I am sure, that would like to wish her a happy birthday.

Boy Mom,
Happy Birthday!

I am so excited for your birthday it means we are getting closer to that glorious day of old age of sitting in the local hair salon and having our gray/purple hair done! Lord knows we don't get to see each other much now.

I cherish our friendship more than you know. I love you so much. I am blessed to have such wonderful friend. As I a have told you before, you inspire, up lift and strengthen me in so many ways.

Thank you for being "YOU"( that is a geunine quality not many people are able to portray), for the laughter and the tears. Also for all the hugs.

Have a wonderful day, even though you are at work.

I work on my B-day next week. I'll be expecting a nice warm german chocolate cake, and coffee ice cream, HA-HA!

Love you