Thursday, December 24, 2009

and the Stockings Were Hung

Shopping , baking, washing, playing, wrapping........
starting to fill stress in all of the mess.
We attended the last of the Christmas parties this past week, yeah!!
A good time was had, uhm by most of us.
Milo buttering up to Santa and being a "ham."
I love his excitement of being a live, hard to keep up with though.

Lil is still not sure about sitting on Santa's lap. However, she decided she had better tell him what she was wishing for. So with a little help she mustered up the courage to stand by Santa. "What a pony!" Oh my, maybe we should have talked with Santa alittle earlier.

Christmas Eve jammies, I mean robes.

Need I say a word? Yes, I do. " Santa, eat your veggies!"

I finally felt it!
The meaning of the whole Christmas Season.
Feeling tired and run down, ready to just let it come.
I stand in the cool of the night hands holding tight.
Peace and quiet in the cold air as Daddy offers the prayer.
The pause in his words after, " Our Heavenly Father.......
please help us to remember Calvin at this time."
The pause was it, the whole Christmas meaning.
The love of family, here and beyond, our purpose in life.
This memory will forever be fond.

So glad we took that time to pause.
Merry Christmas.

..... and the stockings were hung.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

my Faith

As I attended my sabbath day meetings, especially sacrament meeting, I was filled with the Spirit. It is a filling of gratitude, love, and faith in my Savior Jesus Christ. The music sang and performed by the congregation and choir brought on immense joy and tears, reminding me of the Spirit I should be sharing this holiday season and throughout each day.

The following pictures lovingly portray the life and love of Christ. I keep these small prints in a tiny photo album for my children to look at during the sacrament portions of our meeting. To help remind them of Christ and His life. I love these prints, and enjoy sharing them with the children. I pray they will gain a love for Him as they learn of His life and love for each of us.

by Simon Dewey

by Simon Dewey

by Simon Dewey

by Simon Dewey

by Greg Olsen

by Simon Dewey

by Simon Dewey

by Simon Dewey

by Simon Dewey

click here to read the above message.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

like eating Christmas

Today, well last night, I was in the festive mood. I made 2 batches of of crannberry salsa. Yummy, I accuired this delite from my neighbor last year. It has become a seasonal favorite. I have anxiously awaited the fresh crannberries this holiday season.
I took the salsa to work to share with my hard working co-workworkers and other friends at the hospital.
" It is like eating Christmas," my one friend said. I had never thought of it that way before. She is so cute and bubbly. Who would of thought of Christmas as tangible as taste? Regardless, you'll love it.
Sorry it isn't presented in a fancy holiday dishware. I took this picture with my cell phone at work. I am sure you could spruce it up a little for your holiday gatherings.
Merry Christmas!

Cranberry Salsa
12oz package of fresh cranberries
3/4 C sugar
1 med jalapeno
1 green onion
1/4 C fresh cilantro ( I use extra )
1/4 tsp groung cumin
I just chop it all up in my little food processor, and wha la!!!
Chill in the fridge, the flavor is even better after it has chilled over night, but fresh is good too. My favorite chip is hint of lime.

Friday, December 11, 2009

the Purpose

We have passed up a many of opportunities to donate cash, change, etc... to the the Salvation Army bell ringers. So last Saturday while shopping Milo asked if we had any change to give. I don't carry much change let alone cash, but he had $2.00 in quarters I suggested that he donated his change. He was saving for bouncy balls. I said that the money that people donate go to help those in need, and that he could probably do without bouncy balls. He cheerfully relinquished one quarter.

Last night Milo and I were out shopping again and of course the bell ringers were out in full force. Milo asked, " Mom, do you have any money to give?" I said, " No, but maybe we could get some cash when we checkout at the store."

So at the checkout I got $10.00 cash, as we left the store I gave Milo $5.00 to donate. He was so excited. Once again I explained that the man that was ringing the bell didn't get to have all the money, but that it went to a large fund to help those in need. He was just serving to help others.

At the next store, we passed by yet another bell ringer. I gave Milo another $5.00 to donate, he deposited the money and the man wished us a Merry Christmas. We continued into the store to do our shopping. While doing so, Milo says, "Mom, can we buy a bell so I can stand on our front porch and ring a bell, so people will give me some money!"

Looks as though I need to work on explaining the whole process again.
We had Milo choose items from the giving tree at his school. We had fun shopping for a new book " the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid" for a 12 yr old boy and a new shirt for a 4yr old. Milo insisted that he turn the items in to the school office all by himself.
Hopefully the purpose of it all is sinking in. This holiday season is an especially wonderful time to love and serve others, good job Milo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tis the Season

For family night last night we set up our nativity. My hubby has given me new pieces to this nativity each Christmas for the past several years.
I love it. The " willow collection" to me is the simplest in form, magnifying our saviors birth. There is a sense of purity in the faceless figures that embellishes the the sweet peace of His birth.

Lil' was so excited to find her Cinderella Christmas tree in all the Christmas packing. I am not sure I was, it is also a musical tree. She plays it all the time.

Saturday Daddy decided that we should go to the festival of trees. This is an annual event where an enormous expo center is filled with themed Christmas trees. Each tree is donated, then sold. All proceeds go to the our local children's hospital. We didn't purchase a tree. Most of them were sold, plus they were priced at 100's to 1000's of dollars.

Here are a few of the trees the kids liked.

Upon leaving the expo center we entered the bitter cold where the beginnings of our first huge snow storm was brewing. Each snow flake seemed to be falling independently instead of in clumps. The flakes would alight on our clothes and we could see the intricacies of each flake. I was amazed and in awe. Many years have gone by since I had examined an individual snow flake. I got more enjoyment at showing the kids all the different flakes and watching them melt than looking at all the expensive, worldly if you will, Christmas trees. It instilled a peace, quietness and reverence for all God's power. I am ever grateful for having noticed the season.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sarah Buxton - Outside My Window - (HD) Music Video w/ Intro

Here is a happy get through the day video. Enjoy!!! Luv ya all.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It is Thanksgiving and I am at work for 12 hours! Thankful? Well maybe, somewhat, thankful that I am not hosting a huge dinner at my home.

I do have so much to be thankful for, so here is the list.

  • Father in Heaven and Christ, their ever extending love
  • the most loving caring husband / friend
  • the love of my husband
  • my passionate love for him
  • the strength and warmth felt when I am held in his arms
  • my husbands ability to make our children laugh, and to teach them
  • our 4 children here, and 1 cherished angel son
  • hugs, especially from my children
  • soul mate friendship
    Milo's imagination, and genuine laugh
    Tommy's contagious smile, what a handsome boy
    Riley's love for nature and all things in it, animals, bugs, snakes, spiders, etc
  • Lil's girlishness
  • time to be with my children
  • time to watch the boys play soccer
  • time to color
  • time to play house or princess
  • scriptures
  • dark chocolate
  • Burt's Bees lip balm with passion fruit
  • gardens
  • flowers
  • quiet
  • coffee ice cream
  • alone time with my hubby, need way more of that
  • my mommy and daddy
  • my family and his, struggles and oddities included
  • telephone chats with friend
  • pedicures, don't get enough of them though
  • music
  • laughter
  • hair color
  • a job
  • a job that enables me to care and love for others who are in need
  • modern amenities
  • whole wheat sunflower toast loaded with peanut butter
  • ability to move breath and exercise
  • sleep
  • when the children get their chores done
  • etc........

There is so much more, I express my heart felt love for God, Christ , all blessings my many blessings.

I pray for all those who don't realize all their blessings.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cake " Hoot Hoot"

For all those Pokemon' lovers out there.
I made this one June 2005 for Milo.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Fun

The pumpkin carving.
That is all you get of that, I forgot to take pictures of the finished products it was very late.

" Beauty and the Zombie"

I got to do Milo's make up twice. Once for the school party and then on Halloween. I really enjoy doing make up for Halloween, it is fun to envision what would create a certain look. Don't ask me to sew costumes though.

Luckily we have Grandma I, she put in a lot of hours making Lil's " Belle" dress. Lil' was so excited about it. Thanks Grandma I, we love you.

Can you believe all the candy is gone!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Fall Outting

Daddy came home early from work, and I happened to also be off. Wow both of us home on a weekday in the middle of the day.
So the battle begins; house work vs going out and enjoying the beautiful fall weather and the changing leaves.
It was an easy choice for me, I had to coerce my hubby. He rather chill out at home when not working. I suggested several activities before he finally agreed on one.
We decided to hike up to Timpanogas Cave. This is a 1 1/2 mile hike to the cave entrance; paved but all switchbacks and steep.
This cute picture just after a few switchbacks, they had to take a rest.

Such a beautiful day. The colors were just starting to change. Now just a few weeks later all the leaves are falling and we are starting to get our first snow. Arrghh!!!!!

Just love seeing daddy smile and enjoy our time together! Plus he looks so good in RED.

Daddy and Lil'

Yet another rest stop. Our little ones did a great job. I think it is 3000ft climb in elevation. I highly recommend that you DON'T drink all of your water on the climb up. If you do, DO NOT pass up the the last chance outhouse just before the cave entrance.

We did it, and well under the 1 1/2 hour time they gave us before our assigned tour of the caves.

I was hot!!! I got to pack all the water, treats and the little ones coats for the tour in the cave.

Now inside the cave, the temperature drops greatly. Remember when I mentioned not to drink all your water and make sure you pee. Well, Milo immediately upon the doors being locked has to pee. Half way throughout the tour I couldn't stand watching him doing the pee-pee dance, I had to help him some how. So I allowed all the other tourists to move ahead of us, then I had him pee in the very water bottle he had depleted. I couldn't let him just pee in the cave and ruin millions of years of formations. Milo thought it was hilarious! We, dad and I, didn't. What can we do?

At one point we were 500 ft deep in to the mountain from the top. Crazy, huh!

All done, on our way back down the 1 1/2 mile trek. Here you can see Milo carrying the water bottle. It wasn't until we were half way down the mountain that we actually had the sense to dump out the pee filled water bottle. Yeah, can you believe it, we were just a packing it back down with us.
I am so glad that we put off our dishes, laundry, bills, and veggin' in front of the TV to spend time with the kids. I love it! Now the snow is coming.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You've Been Ghosted!

As my hubby and I sat on the back porch hiding from the noise of the house, I saw it coming. A white van pulled up around the side of our home. It slowed down and a child jumped out carrying a plate of goodies I knew exactly what was happening. No.... I thought. I couldn't stop it from happening. Have you ever watched your child fall and felt helplessly moving in slow motion to try to catch him/her? This is how I felt. I didn't have time for this adventure. I wanted to stop it from happening.

We got up and entered the house. I was right. Milo and Lil' were joyously gathering a plate of fall goodies. The idea of goodies sounds great huh? Well this little plate of goodies comes with cute Halloween Poem and a picture of a Ghost. The poem instructs you to enjoy the goodies hang the picture on the your door so that everyone knows you have been hit. I quickly posted the picture in our kitchen window. The goodies are great but the pressure to pass along the poem, the picture, and goodies to two other families within two nights. It was the middle of the week, way too busy for these fun neighbor hood traditions.

The next evening a knock comes at the door. What the freak? Can't they see the GHOST hanging in our window? Another plate of goodies, poem, and ghost to hang up. I IMMEDIATELY taped it to our mail box next to the door. Now feel even more pressure to fulfill my family neighbor hood duties.

I whine and complain, Milo says, " Just don't hang up the GHOST. We can get treats every night." " Yeah that is a great idea!", exclaims Dad. They truly are men after my own heart, I would love homemade treats every night. I just couldn't deal with the guilt.

So several days late but never the less duty fulfilled. Sunday evening I made our goodies. Milo and Lil' were excited. Goodies made, copies of poem and ghost, we were set for our adventure of sneaking out in the night and delivering the " frightful " package to the unaware neighbors. Milo dressed in all black quickly delivered each package with out getting us caught. It was so much fun. Okay, so I admit it, I am glad that we got GHOSTED. It was a fun memory made.

Now to pass on the fun.

Pastry Flake

Poop on Jelly

Consider yourselves ghosted. Below is a recipe for one of our favorite goodies. I share it with you and other readers, however those tagged choose two blogger friends and GHOST them and pass on a favorite goodie recipe and encourage them to pass it on.

  • 1 1/3 c. sugar
  • 1/2 c. shortening
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 2 tsp. baking powder
  • 2 1/2 c. nuts or raisins ( optional); we use CHOCOLATE CHIPS, duh !
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 c. pumpkin
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 3/4 tsp. cinnamon
  • 3/4 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp. ginger
  • if your diet permits a dab of cream cheese frosting just off the waffle iron.

Mix together, place small balls on hot waffle iron and bake. Don't over bake, cookies cook faster than waffles.


Monday, October 5, 2009

The New Critter

I have previously mentioned the snakes and lizards. This past week end the REPTILE show came to town. It is a must for a few of the male genders in our home. I didn't make it this year. I had worked until 3am and just couldn't do it.

Multiple times Milo was instructed that he wasn't going to come home with a new pet of the scaly persuasion. Riley on the other hand has a job and his own money. His dad also takes care of his two snakes, so Riley didn't have a pet to care for.

Did you notice that I said, " Reptile show?" This is what was brought home. This big critter is NOT a reptile. No where close to it. Neither is the cute little mouse. The video below is not very pleasant I warn you.

Oh come on a spider that eats mice. This is a " Goliath Bird Eater" one of the biggest tarantulas. Riley name him David. Well, I guess I successfully taught him one scripture story. I can't believe he did that. It was the cutest little mouse, come to find out Riley had a hard time doing it.

I thought the phrase was " Lions, tigers and bears. Oh ,no!" Around here it goes, " Lizards, snakes and SPIDERS, Oh, my! What is a mother to do?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Randomness......

Oops... Such a random day I posted just the title..

Mrs. Nurse Boy is lurking for us all to share our randomness. Aren't our lives ANYTHING BUT random. Wait is random a synonym for CRAZY!

Lets see work at 6:45 am, on 5 hrs sleep. Got to bed (sleep) late, not prohibited to discuss why, ;). 7yr old had an accident. I was too lazy to make him a new bed after helping him change clothes so I let him cuddle with us, Dumb, dumb , dumb..... squished and restless, tossing and turning ensued. Oh, so not 5hrs of sleep.

Why do others have to be driving to work at the same time as me? Don't they know I didn't get any sleep and I am rushing to work. I have a tardy problem, can't be late!!! Arrgh... I know it is only fair to my patients and co-workers if I am on time. I really believe I have a genetic disposition that is the whole reason for my lateness. I was born late.

My 13yr old just called me at work to yell at me for putting baking soda in his beyond stinky soccer cleats. I need help here. The salesman said to, "put newspaper in the cleats after wearing to absorb the moisture (stinky moisture) then follow with baking soda." I can't convince my son to do this. I know when the cleats are in the house, yuck. I paid for the cleats I have every right to deodorize them if at all possible.

Even worse, is when it is my turn to pick up the 5 other neighborhood boys from soccer practice and they all remove their cleats, shinguard and socks. I need to buy a flat bed pickup if I am going to continue this car pool.

Worry over sister and her children during adversity of divorce and financial woes. Pray for her.

Here is random.. our toilet paper roll has shrunk. No not because we are partaking of its soft goodness. The company, I am sure due to the economic crunch, has taken upon them selves to short us. Have you noticed that your roll of toilet paper no longer covers up the toilet paper holder thingy?

After working 10hrs try to pleasantly serve in our church calling and take 11yr scouts swimming. This is very difficult. Upon arriving home our children are harping, " what is for dinner."I harp back, "I don't know yet, and add have you any homework, pick up your junk, and why aren't your chores done yet? Turn off the computers and TV now! PLEASE!" Am I whining, so sorry.

I didn't get up early enough to exercise!!!! Oops whining again.

Yesterday was able to have lunch with Boy Mom, yeah she is finally starting to feel better. I hope she'll be blogging soon. I miss her writings.

Took time to wander over to a few posts from Poop on Jelly. Wonderful way to spend my lunch at work. Thanks for sharing it was fun and relaxing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"BLUE" cake

Tommy 3 yrs!

This was so much fun to make.

Celebrating with Aunt Brooke again. Notice the "Steve" shirt, it was Tommy's favorite shirt. Oh, the memories, he is 13 now!

Quick Hike

A few weeks ago I talked my mom, and sister into going for a quick hike up to Brideaveil Falls

Lil' and Lexie

My sister and her children

Yep, I said it was quick, well a quick decision. I hiked in my dress, part of my pioneer heritage or stupidity.

Probably stupidity, I also wore flip flops. You can't use the word "thongs" any more, besides who would go hiking in thongs. Oooo... gross thought!