Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am no longer dreamin'......

...of a White Christmas!

We woke up to a 15 inch blanket of beautiful white snow!

Our poor ugly bush that blooms once a year.

Yesterday, before the snow got heavy I had decided that it actually looks pretty twice a year.

In the late spring when it blooms and when covered with a light fresh snow.

I am afraid that the evening snow is too much for it.

My hubby out shoveling for the 2nd time today!

After driving Tommy 3 blocks to school, it took 15 mins to do so, we discovered that they had cancelled it.

YEAH, snow day!

Milo was beyond excited that he got to have a " SNOW DAY!"

Which totally surprised me.

We always get snow. I think that they decided to just break early for the holiday.

So what do you do on a snow day?

You bundle up and play........

I didn't have to go to work until 1pm so why not.

First off, we built a huge snow fort.

It is imperiative to have one when having a snow ball fight.

Then onto a backyard sledding hill for Lil'.
I am so glad, that I took the time to play today.
I love you Milo and Lily!

Whilst playing in the yard we heard a huge crashing sound.
As we tuned towards the sound we witnessed a tree caving under the weight of the heavy wet snow.
A creek runs along our backyard. One of the trees on the creek bank fell into the the neighbors fence across the way.

We will be having a "White Christmas!"
Thanks to my moms prayers.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

To leave or not too.......

Hurry, get the leaves off the lawn the snow is coming!
Just got to love me a BIG pile of leaves to play in and ......
...throw all over the place.
While the rest of the family rakes them back into the pile.

And don't forget, burying each other up to our necks with leaves.

Lil' insisted on buying hello kitty band aids so I gave in.
Here she is wearing one, with out even needing too.
There is no "owie," under that band aid.

Then there is this guy. Who doesn't want to play in the leaves.
He just simply wants to leave.....
No time for frolicking around.

NOTICE the Haircut... handsome young man!!!

Bring on the snow!

At least get it over with.

I need me some long sunny days.........