Sunday, February 21, 2010

happy birthday Tommy!


tOMMY is 14 today, I can't believe it.

I love this kid.

His genuine smile lights up the room.
You may be looking at the grouping of pictures at the opening of the blog.
Now, look closely at the 3 smaller pictures of the kids.
Here you'll see tOMMY's real smile, not the forced teenage, I am sick of taking pictures smile.
tOMMY has grown in to teenager hood quite well.
He loves to relax.
When he isn't playing soccer or hanging with his buddies you can find him relaxing on the couch or his bed.
tOMMY is longing for sunshine, a boy is after his moms heart.
Poor kid, today it is snowing.
No sunshine here.
I struggle to find words to describe my tOMMY.
I love pictures, they speak for me.
I remembered these pictures from last summer.
They warm my heart, make me smile, love, and relax.
He wishes I'd relax.
( Sorry, not gonna happen. Why? Cause I am mom.)
They also remind me that underneath that rugged teenage shell, is my tOMMY at heart.
These pictures are tOMMY to a T.
Enjoying life, and the sunshine.
Oh to be a teenager again.


The serious tEENAGER!

I love you tOMMY,
with a love more than words or pictures can say.
You are my son.
Forever and for always.

Who loves you the most?
"The ma. The ma, The ma, ma, ma!"
a long forgotten childhood bedtime chant of ours

Sunday, February 14, 2010

oh Valentine

More like valentines week than day. We began the week creating a valentines box for Milo's school valentines box project. Multiple notes came home for several weeks prior to this last week reminding us of the impending valentines box contest. Now may I remind you that this is for the children, not. One of the notes came right out and said for kids and parents. Talk about adding pressure and stress to evenings packed with dinner preparations, homework, bathing, laundry, etc.....This means parents. Milo wanted to make a gorilla. Ya right. We finally agreed on a tank.

When I made valentines boxes at his age. It was done at school. Every one had the same decorating supplies. The only potential for one being impressively better was that he/she brought a bigger shoe box to decorate and artistic talent. At any rate, the boxes where made of white, red and pink paper with similar colored heart cut outs and paper doilies.

I must admit I love to create tangible projects. I am sure you have notice that writing, more so clever, funny writing just isn't a talent that I behold. Not that I am a professional at valentines boxes either, but in short it was fun to make OUR valentines box. On the back side of the tank it said, "TANKS for being my valentine!" Milo thought it was clever, so did I in childish way. Off to the side you'll see that a plenty of paper hearts were cut out to decorate a container for Lil's valentines party at daycare. Milk jugs are a great quick easy way to throw together a last minute valentines container on a days notice. All done, I wish. Now to label the valentines. Madagascar Penguins and Tinkerbell were the choices made. Again I made my valentines for school and walked 3 miles to school in the snow.

On to another valentines tradition. One, I do love.


While using our heart shaped cookie cutters to trace hearts for her valentines jug, Lil wanted to make cookies. I wasn't ready to tackle that yet. Have you read the book, "If you give a Pig a Pancake?" So a promise was made, that on Saturday we would make valentine cookies.
Nothing better that cream cheese frosting, anything else would be a sin.

After clearing the the kitchen of flour, and all the mess. Lil' and I delivered the cookies.

Now a little time for my hubby. A mid it all , I did not forget him. We exchanged cards and candy. Simple this year. Don't forget our play lists we compile for each others MP3 players. I look forward to making a list of songs for him. This is the 3rd year for this tradition. My hubby is a quiet man. So, when he carefully chooses songs to melt my heart, it is as if the words and music are speaking to just me. Sappy I know. Here is a link to one of this years songs.

Want sappy?

I decided to go see my hubby perform with the band he joined almost 1 year ago. I use to regularly go and watch him with his old band. It had been years maybe even 7 or so since the old band. I was excited to go. I rounded up a few friends, then off to the bar. The only place around for small time cover band to perform. Bars just aren't my forte', but watching people on the other hand is. There is a lot of watchin' to do at a bar. Thank goodness state law prohibits smoking in bars now. Wow, who would a thought that smoking was bad for you. What about the the alcohol? I'll leave it at that. No wait, drunk people are just stupid and senseless, non the less interesting subjects to watch.

Oh, sorry on to the sappy. This band has a lead singer. It isn't my hubby, but it should be. While we were having a quiet valentines lunch earlier that day I requested that he sing my favorite song. He said, "no." What, can you believe that? I insisted, and that he had to sing it, not the main man. I hinted again in his valentine card, that it would just make the best valentines ever if he did. When I arrived with my small non drinking brood at the bar, he greeted us. The first set had just ended. Here was my chance to make my request AGAIN! So giving him my most endearing, eye batting look, I requested my song.

You ready? 2hours 55 mins later, 1255 am. "Last call for alcohol!" He steps to the front of the stage, to the lead mic. I start to grin, legs get all weak, heart goes a thump, thump, pitter patter. I look to my friends and smile, " this is it!" The first chords come, YES!!!!!!!!! School girl again, for a brief 5 mins 14 secs, as I hear his amazing voice sing the song. I sing along, tapping my toes and swaying to the lovin' rhythm. Heaven, in a bar, go figure. Oh, how I love my man. Definitely a night to remember.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

After this nightime?

Our little Lil' is a singer and a dancer. A note was sent home saying that it is time to bring your tappies ( tap shoes ) to dance. She was so excited.
Lil' found her tappies and tried to put them on. It was like watching Cinderella's step sisters forcing their feet in to the glass slipper. Swishing and squirming to no avail. Her foot no longer fit in to last years taps. She was so sad.
"We'll have to buy new ones," I said.
"When?" asked Lil'.
"Uh mm, well I work tomorrow, so on Friday. Okay?" I say.
"After this night time?" says Lil'.
"No, I work tomorrow. The next day." I say.
"So after after this night time?" she says again.
No, sweetie. I work after this night time. But the day after that we can go buy new tap shoes." I explain.
"Oh, so we will buy my new tappies after this night time and another night time. Is that right?" she asks.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what's Been Happening

Milo I hope your wish comes true. He was thrilled that he got the bigger piece when we broke the wish bone.

My attempt at another healthy lunch. I loved it. Lil' is usually a good little eater, and eats most anything. She sampled it. I convinced her that she eats those food all the time, but this day she wasn't satisfied. She was coming down with the lovely cold and gumbo we have had. I bet any other day she would of loved it.
What is it?
fresh: kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, pears
cottage cheese
strawberry yogurt

Tooth #1 on top, gone. It took a lot of wiggling.

Lil' learning how to vacuum. Of course ,I had to help, but she tried non the less.

Tooth #2 is now gone. What a cute toothless grin.

Me, I actually put some make up on and went to church. Starting to feel better.

( photo by Lil' )