Saturday, January 2, 2010

all Wrapped Up

Here is some of our Christmas fun!

Lil' wasn't spoiled, no! Her big brother gave her a" Pony". However, when she told Santa she wanted a pony I think she meant the real thing.

Milo is so full of life!

The much needed "HOOD IE," he refuses to wear a winter coat.

Cool a docking station for his mp3 player. He was so surprised.

Oldest graciously posing for a pic....

Emergency kit for his car. I am still gonna worry about him.

Another surprise! He'll be moving soon and needed a TV. He's not spoiled either.
Handsome Hubby opening a gift. It is a box full of teas.

A tea pot, so he can watch his tea brew or what ever!

Christmas morning breakfast with Grandma Helen, tradition.
My brother is gonna kill me for posting this pic. Don't worry Dale ,everyone has bed head.
I love you!

More gifts to exchange. Fun time.

A wooden whistle from Uncle Dale and Bryan.
Dale bought us all gifts when he was in Indonesia for 6 weeks last Sept.

He gave our oldest a "blowgun" with real darts, non poisonous of course. Well maybe he is ready for the big world, emergency kit, TV, and dart gun. No, I'll still worry. He's not going anywhere really, just growing up and possibly moving out to the cottage ( in law apt ) in our back yard.

Awe.... She has got her Daddy whooped. He bought her the 3D Hanna Montana concert on DVD. They gave up on the glasses after a while.

Rockin' out!

Uncle Dale ( nice hair ) came by and played guitar hero 3. He is an excellent musician but really bombed out here.
I loved all the time with the family. What a wonderful day.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Man, I have been gone WAY too long! LOVE the new look! Looks like fun was had by all! Your have a beautiful family! Lil' and Sweet Pea would be best buds. Looks like she loves all things girly too!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mummy McTavish said...

Hannah Montana concert DVD? Ahhh, some things I will never miss, all boys means no HM DVDs.

I do kinda have a soft spot for My Litte Ponys.

That looks like a wonderful family Christmas, so much fun and love.

PS. love your new look too... it is new isn't it? I only noticed it this morning.

Boy Mom said...

We all really need to get together, between the McTavish boys the Smith Boys the Nurse Boys and Lil and Sweet Pea the fun would be never ending. I vote for a trip to Australia though US is too cold.

Mummy McTavish said...

YES come here! I'd take you all to Frosty Mango for icecream, I'd show you where it's safe to swim with no crocodiles (repeat after me... "I will stick to swimming pools"), I'd even let those sweet little girls and their mums sleep in my house (and you, Boy Mom) but the boys would have to tent it in the back yard!

Now if only international travel was a bit cheaper :)