Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Bash

I love to make fun cakes for the kids.
I am even willing to stay up all night to finish a cake just to do it with out being bothered.
We have several birthdays in a row, with the craziness of summer life I decided to have one big birthday bash as opposed to one every other weekend.
Yesterday was the day.
We celebrated birthdays for Milo (8), Jason( 42), Riley(19) and bringing up the rear the "Princess" Lily (5).
It took 3 days to bake and sculpt and decorate these cakes, of course intertwind with work and motherly duties at home i.e. playing with kids, shopping (grocery), laundry.
A friend said that I should try using MMF (marshmellow fondant). I was a little hesitant. Last year when I made Lil's cake I bought some fondant to use it tasted nasty and was very difficult to use.
I logged on to the site my friend had told me about and learned how to use MMF. I searched many recipes. I came across a recipe called "Ultimate MMF, " I decided to try it.
It was easy and fun to make. After sucessfully making one batch, I even let my two little ones help knead the fondant on the next batch. Laughing and giggling ensued. We had powdered sugar every where. Not so much fun to clean up but well worth it. Just to wrap it up, I completed my project and cleaning the up the flurries of powder sugar and cornstarch up at 3:30 am Sunday.
I know I am crazy to put all that time and effort into a cake(s) that will be cut into and gobbled up that evening at 7pm. I love doing it and love making my childrens birthday a memorable one. From the oldest to the youngest my kids enjoy looking at pictures from previous years and sharing them with their friends.