Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am no longer dreamin'......

...of a White Christmas!

We woke up to a 15 inch blanket of beautiful white snow!

Our poor ugly bush that blooms once a year.

Yesterday, before the snow got heavy I had decided that it actually looks pretty twice a year.

In the late spring when it blooms and when covered with a light fresh snow.

I am afraid that the evening snow is too much for it.

My hubby out shoveling for the 2nd time today!

After driving Tommy 3 blocks to school, it took 15 mins to do so, we discovered that they had cancelled it.

YEAH, snow day!

Milo was beyond excited that he got to have a " SNOW DAY!"

Which totally surprised me.

We always get snow. I think that they decided to just break early for the holiday.

So what do you do on a snow day?

You bundle up and play........

I didn't have to go to work until 1pm so why not.

First off, we built a huge snow fort.

It is imperiative to have one when having a snow ball fight.

Then onto a backyard sledding hill for Lil'.
I am so glad, that I took the time to play today.
I love you Milo and Lily!

Whilst playing in the yard we heard a huge crashing sound.
As we tuned towards the sound we witnessed a tree caving under the weight of the heavy wet snow.
A creek runs along our backyard. One of the trees on the creek bank fell into the the neighbors fence across the way.

We will be having a "White Christmas!"
Thanks to my moms prayers.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

To leave or not too.......

Hurry, get the leaves off the lawn the snow is coming!
Just got to love me a BIG pile of leaves to play in and ......
...throw all over the place.
While the rest of the family rakes them back into the pile.

And don't forget, burying each other up to our necks with leaves.

Lil' insisted on buying hello kitty band aids so I gave in.
Here she is wearing one, with out even needing too.
There is no "owie," under that band aid.

Then there is this guy. Who doesn't want to play in the leaves.
He just simply wants to leave.....
No time for frolicking around.

NOTICE the Haircut... handsome young man!!!

Bring on the snow!

At least get it over with.

I need me some long sunny days.........

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Tommy picked out this shirt.
I love it.
I love his anime hair.
One day Tommy's big brother stated, " that Tommy looks like a certain Dr. Seuss character."
Can you guess who?

Ha Ha, I love it!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aww... thanks guys!

I donned one of my cute scrub tops this morning, pulled up my hair in a adorable left over do from the day before. I had worked until 11pm, turned around to come back a 7am today.
Oh, plus I had make up on. Makeup rarely happens on a daily basis. Today was a special day though. Why?I was having follow up mammograms and ultrasound of both breasts. Hoping a cute do and make up would distract from my, " itty bitty.........'s."
I had my first mammo 1 week ago ( I turned 40 last Aug).
Until yesterday, I thought no news was good news. Then the call came in from the hospital yesterday. Seeing the number on the caller id, I was worried that I had written down the wrong time for my shift or that I was getting called in early for work. I knew exactly what was up when I heard the woman's voice, " Hi, Suz. This is......" No need to tell me who and where you are calling from. I know your voice and exactly where you are calling from. This very kind and loving lady works in radiology at the hospital with me, different department though. She proceeds to tell me that the radiologist would like me to come in for some additional imaging. You know how you worry and worry about test results, it had been a week. I had almost forgotten all about it. That phone call is a heart stopper. She says," don't worry." What? Excuse me.
Of course when I got to work that day I cornered a couple of Rads ( radiologists) to go over my mammogram with me. I didn't mind so much looking at my breasts with them. After all they were just x-rays right. I look at peoples parts daily with x-rays. I do CT scans.
No biggie, um until it is your parts.
The radiologist really set my mind at ease.
Did you know that first timers usually have to come back for additional imaging. I didn't.
They like to get a good baseline and rule out any questionable areas. So that when the next years squishing is done they have something to compare to.
So, after getting grabbed, squished, and flung around by another co-worker last week; I get the pleasure of doing it all over again. What are the chances that it will be done by the same mammographer.
Plus, yet another co-worker from ultrasound gets to see' em too. Thank goodness the ultrasound tech is of the female gender.
Worse yet, a radiologist, whom I work with on almost a daily basis gets a looks see too.
Oh, to have only a penis or a prostate.
The squishing and compressing ensued. Yes, by the same tech as before. I really didn't want the whole department "seein' mi chest." She took 4 additional views. Then set me in the waiting room. Dang, one more. I must admit, I started to worry a bit then.
Finally, almost done. I get called back to have the ultrasound.
Isn't it just so convenient how those gowns open right up to see everything. As I said before, I knew the ultrasound tech. We chatted away about trivial things.
I told her about when I discussed my first mammogram experience with my husband. He didn't know that I had never had a mammo before. I told him that age 40 is the usual age to have your first.
His response, " Boy, you are old. Did dust squirt out when they squished 'em?"
Yes, I still talk to him. He makes me laugh.
The ultrasound tech laughed as well.
She then called the radiologist to come in. Finally, the last of my co-workers to get exposed to. She then in a professional manner attempts to introduce him to me. As if we didn't already know each other. He cut her short, rude.
He explained every thing to me. All the while he looked directly in my eyes or the ultrasound screen.
Whew, I am glad that is done. I clean all the gooey ultrasound gel of my boobs, there I said it, and go back to work.
All in all it was not a bad experience. Everyone was very professional. Thanks!
A few a hours later. Even after all the events of the day I was still feeling pretty cute. Remember I had my a hair up and make up on.
I am walking to a near by sandwich place to grab some lunch. It is sunny, I am happy and now totally relieved that all the tests where negative. I am smiling, at peace with myself.
I happen to walk by the bed of a truck, that had 3 construction workers lingering by eating their lunch. As I walk past I hear comments. Those that make a woman in her 40's feel good about herself.
"Wow, they are talking about me!"
I think to myself, "Aw thanks guys, " smiling bigger and almost giggling. "
Then to look up and see another woman, a bit of a young thing, in front of me. Short"70's" style shorts, long legs and " ugg boots" with tube socks yellow stripe and all. Top it off with a tight fitting shirt and what has to be " fake boobs".
"Aw... thanks guys!" Never mind.
But definitely, aw... thanks to no bad news about my boobs, other than they are...
" itty, bitty, old and saggy."
Yes little things can sag too.
So watch out men...
My female friends, please go get your mammo done. Early detection is the best protection.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Proposition # 1

21 years ago, I voted YES!

The polling booth was a picnic table set in my, now in laws back yard.
The proposition was as follows........
Following research and much, much thought ( He's probably now thinking he should of thought longer and harder), it is proposed that Jay ask for Suz's hand in marriage.

The bond needed is priceless.
Lasting for eternity, seems like that long already.
Not complaining though.

Current status of the long lasting bond election....

He is so dang sexy in the blues. So is the cutie of ours next to him.You have got to love the distinguished gray. Ooo, I just want to gobble him up right now!

Some plagiarism here...
I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living and forever my sweetie you'll be.
The bond has been a success thus far...
Election day will forever be one of the high points in my life regardless of the the current political status of our nation.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Toes, Pumpkins and Scary Fun

I told a friend of mine, I'd do a post just for him.
I haven't been here for a while, sorry.
I do have lots I could and should post.
I don't know if I'll get it done.
You say you like the pictures.
So this is for you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Bash

I love to make fun cakes for the kids.
I am even willing to stay up all night to finish a cake just to do it with out being bothered.
We have several birthdays in a row, with the craziness of summer life I decided to have one big birthday bash as opposed to one every other weekend.
Yesterday was the day.
We celebrated birthdays for Milo (8), Jason( 42), Riley(19) and bringing up the rear the "Princess" Lily (5).
It took 3 days to bake and sculpt and decorate these cakes, of course intertwind with work and motherly duties at home i.e. playing with kids, shopping (grocery), laundry.
A friend said that I should try using MMF (marshmellow fondant). I was a little hesitant. Last year when I made Lil's cake I bought some fondant to use it tasted nasty and was very difficult to use.
I logged on to the site my friend had told me about and learned how to use MMF. I searched many recipes. I came across a recipe called "Ultimate MMF, " I decided to try it.
It was easy and fun to make. After sucessfully making one batch, I even let my two little ones help knead the fondant on the next batch. Laughing and giggling ensued. We had powdered sugar every where. Not so much fun to clean up but well worth it. Just to wrap it up, I completed my project and cleaning the up the flurries of powder sugar and cornstarch up at 3:30 am Sunday.
I know I am crazy to put all that time and effort into a cake(s) that will be cut into and gobbled up that evening at 7pm. I love doing it and love making my childrens birthday a memorable one. From the oldest to the youngest my kids enjoy looking at pictures from previous years and sharing them with their friends.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Milo Faces ( Happy Birthday Buddy)



" I wasn't me!"

" too dang cute"


" festive fishy"

"real eyes"
" silly eyes"
" plain happy"

I love you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daddy's Dancing Princess

This little dancing princess of ours had her dance recital this past weekend.
She was so excited.
The princesses father "was" going to come see her dance then rush off to perform with his band.
The band "was" to start at 9pm, plenty of time to watch the recital.
Friday night while he was performing he found out that on Saturday ( same day as recital) they were to start at 7pm instead of the usual 9pm.
I was ticked off, to say the least.
What is more important, a benefit for the local children's hospital or your daughters dance recital?
A LONG while later after my grumpiness over the situation subsided, I realized that she was to have a rehearsal from 12-3pm. Perfect he could go watch her there.
Watch he did!
He is the most amazing father and husband.
He took her to the high school for the rehearsal to begin at 12noon. Well they, the entire dance company, were locked out of the school. He lovingly and patiently waited there at the school with our princess for an hour while the dance teacher in a rage of fury found someone to let them into the building.
This wonderful husband of mine then stayed at the school with our princess while the rehearsal took place.
I am sorry but I do not know too many fathers who would do that. Watch a recital yes, the hour wait to get into the building then a 2 hour rehearsal.
I love him.
I simply love him.
Here is the picture I took with my phone to send to daddy so he could see her in make up and costume.
"Make up," oh how she loved the make up.
I bought her her own blush, mascara and lipstick.
She was thrilled to say the least.
Of course I informed her that it was for her recitals only.
4 year old girls are too young for makeup.
Uh, she has asked to wear the blush and lipstick everyday since.
I found that putting mascara on 4 year old is not that easy.
However, we go the job done.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What have you been doing?

Lil' and her cousin
Playing in the freezing cold.
The kids didn't seem to mind.
I did!
Flying kites in the wind and cold.
Where are the warm winds?
Yoga with the "little ones."
Awe... I love doing yoga.
I am not that good at it, nor do I get to do it with out interuptions.
As you can see.

" Down dog position," we don't even own a dog.

Great job Lil'!

" The tree"

presented by Milo, he never holds this still.

We love our PJ days.

Milo and Lil' made puddin' pops.


Easter morn........

I must admit I was mourining, about the snow.

However, grateful for Christ and the Atonement.

Easter baskets and a egg hunt at Grandma I's.

The sun is out!
Time to fly kites again.

Daddy ended up flying her kite.

But not for Milo.

He took charge and let all the string out!

However, daddy had to wind it all up.

All this fun and crazy weather,
Boy am I frazzeled!

Bonus pic.....
Riley, sporting ( pimpin') one of the girls dress up hats at Grandma I's.
I hope he dosen't use this for a resume.
I love my kids!