Saturday, January 30, 2010

a Week or So in PJ's

A few posts back I gloried in a day of PJ's, with my little ones. It was such a fun day.
Just 2 days later I was in my PJ's again, and it wasn't fun at all.
Sunday while sitting in church the surge of body aches began and didn't stop for 6 days. The aches and pains were accompanied by chills, freezing bone pain, and fevers up too 104. On the 4th day I was so miserable, so off to the doctor I go. The good old doc was sure I had the "flu". I wasn't so convinced.
Have you ever had your brains sucked out, that is what is feels like when you get the snot, boogies, or whatever is loitering in the nasal passages suctioned for "flu", "H1N1", or any other respiratory viruses.
24 hours later, no "flu." Forgot to run the H1N1, so another 24 hours later, no "H1N1" either.
Ah, another visit to the doctor reveals "pneumonia." I knew it wasn't the "flu."
I spent 10 days in PJ's.

I felt like death, looked like death, you' d think that my kids would stay away from me, you'd think!

Such a sweetie! She took such good care of me.

Here she is cheering me up.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something Other than Nuggets

Last Saturday I attempted to offer the little ones, cause they were the only ones home, a healthy lunch.
A spinach, black beans, cheese, red peppers quesadilla.

Lil" was willing to try everything. She is such a great eater.

Milo on the other hand went with just cheese. So I offered him a salad. Home made ranch is the only way to go. Also so good for dipping.
I have decided to try and offer more healthy dishes for my family. Well, I did it once.......
Then the next day I came down with an awful cold....Blah. It has been going through our little family and it was my turn.

Friday, January 15, 2010

a PJ Day with the Little Ones

A day off, yeah!!!! Oh wait, the kids have the day off too!!!
I have so much I need to do.

I have been really trying to focus on the kids. So knowing that that my "to do list" is long, I decided to spend time with the kids first off. I asked, "what they wanted for breakfast?"
Here is what we came up with.

Both of them traced their names with the syrup, what FUN.

They even flipped the pancakes, but only the circular ones. The names were a little tricky to flip. Lil' calls them " panacakes."

All the syrup kept them energized all day!
However, we just stayed inside in our PJ's.
They played quietly, mostly, and I got quite a lot done. Emptied my bill files for 2009 and gathered tax info, dishes, laundry....
Thank heavens for drive up bank tellers or we would of had to change. Yep, we even went to the bank in our PJ's. The kids wore their slippers and robes too, forgot to take pictures.
I slipped out of my PJ's at 5:15 pm and EXERCISED. Well, it was on my list, as #2.
I never go in order. (nothing would ever get crossed off)
The little ones cleaned their rooms and got dressed, 6 pm!!!
I had promised them a trip to the toy store. Like they need more toys.
Well, Lil did. Not!
But them again maybe. When she plays with her barbies I get a little freaked out. She has one fully clothed girl barbie dance, kiss and even marry another totally naked girl barbie! I told her to put some clothes on her, but she said, " No, it is the prince, and I don't have clothes for him." You see the need?
While having dinner, Lil asks, " When are we going to go buy my boy toy!"
Way freaked out. My eyes spring wide open, "You mean a boy barbie or doll!"
What a day. I am exhausted. The little ones and I had fun shopping at 8pm.
Milo found a fun virtual online pet toy. He had got an online game for Christmas but it didn't work very well.
At least, I can say I crossed " toy store " off my list.
Then added some more to it for the weekend.
More time with Milo. We installed his virtual pet into the computer. He'll have lots to do while I tackle a few items on the list tomorrow.
Hey, I should go write BLOG on my list. Then cross it off!
I love successes.
Bring it on!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

when the Inversion Is Gone!

I have been driving to work in the dark and home in the dark. This time of year is sometimes depressing. BLahhhh.

Before my brother headed back for Texas we decided to head up to the mountains and hit the ski resort. I did my fair share of hitting. Especially my noggin'. Good thing I wore a helmet, who cares about fashion. Yep that is me looking pretty silly in the helmet. I spent the day trying desperately not to fall. I was snowboarding, for the 3rd time. Not experienced by any means. I didn't really fall all the time, but one time I hit my head hard. I almost puked there on the slope.

I love our beautiful mountains. I wish we could actually see them again. Praying for a storm to blow the nasty inversion AWAY!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

all Wrapped Up

Here is some of our Christmas fun!

Lil' wasn't spoiled, no! Her big brother gave her a" Pony". However, when she told Santa she wanted a pony I think she meant the real thing.

Milo is so full of life!

The much needed "HOOD IE," he refuses to wear a winter coat.

Cool a docking station for his mp3 player. He was so surprised.

Oldest graciously posing for a pic....

Emergency kit for his car. I am still gonna worry about him.

Another surprise! He'll be moving soon and needed a TV. He's not spoiled either.
Handsome Hubby opening a gift. It is a box full of teas.

A tea pot, so he can watch his tea brew or what ever!

Christmas morning breakfast with Grandma Helen, tradition.
My brother is gonna kill me for posting this pic. Don't worry Dale ,everyone has bed head.
I love you!

More gifts to exchange. Fun time.

A wooden whistle from Uncle Dale and Bryan.
Dale bought us all gifts when he was in Indonesia for 6 weeks last Sept.

He gave our oldest a "blowgun" with real darts, non poisonous of course. Well maybe he is ready for the big world, emergency kit, TV, and dart gun. No, I'll still worry. He's not going anywhere really, just growing up and possibly moving out to the cottage ( in law apt ) in our back yard.

Awe.... She has got her Daddy whooped. He bought her the 3D Hanna Montana concert on DVD. They gave up on the glasses after a while.

Rockin' out!

Uncle Dale ( nice hair ) came by and played guitar hero 3. He is an excellent musician but really bombed out here.
I loved all the time with the family. What a wonderful day.

Friday, January 1, 2010


"More than words"

I gave my BF a picture frame with our picture in it for Christmas.

Here are a few of the pictures, that her son #2 took for the project.

Thanks #2.

Life would be hopeless without her. Thanks for all you are!

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