Friday, January 15, 2010

a PJ Day with the Little Ones

A day off, yeah!!!! Oh wait, the kids have the day off too!!!
I have so much I need to do.

I have been really trying to focus on the kids. So knowing that that my "to do list" is long, I decided to spend time with the kids first off. I asked, "what they wanted for breakfast?"
Here is what we came up with.

Both of them traced their names with the syrup, what FUN.

They even flipped the pancakes, but only the circular ones. The names were a little tricky to flip. Lil' calls them " panacakes."

All the syrup kept them energized all day!
However, we just stayed inside in our PJ's.
They played quietly, mostly, and I got quite a lot done. Emptied my bill files for 2009 and gathered tax info, dishes, laundry....
Thank heavens for drive up bank tellers or we would of had to change. Yep, we even went to the bank in our PJ's. The kids wore their slippers and robes too, forgot to take pictures.
I slipped out of my PJ's at 5:15 pm and EXERCISED. Well, it was on my list, as #2.
I never go in order. (nothing would ever get crossed off)
The little ones cleaned their rooms and got dressed, 6 pm!!!
I had promised them a trip to the toy store. Like they need more toys.
Well, Lil did. Not!
But them again maybe. When she plays with her barbies I get a little freaked out. She has one fully clothed girl barbie dance, kiss and even marry another totally naked girl barbie! I told her to put some clothes on her, but she said, " No, it is the prince, and I don't have clothes for him." You see the need?
While having dinner, Lil asks, " When are we going to go buy my boy toy!"
Way freaked out. My eyes spring wide open, "You mean a boy barbie or doll!"
What a day. I am exhausted. The little ones and I had fun shopping at 8pm.
Milo found a fun virtual online pet toy. He had got an online game for Christmas but it didn't work very well.
At least, I can say I crossed " toy store " off my list.
Then added some more to it for the weekend.
More time with Milo. We installed his virtual pet into the computer. He'll have lots to do while I tackle a few items on the list tomorrow.
Hey, I should go write BLOG on my list. Then cross it off!
I love successes.
Bring it on!


Boy Mom said...

Yum! I made buttermilk syrup for our pancakes the other night, die and go to heaven good.

You are such a great mommy. Lilly is lucky to have a Mommy who will buy her a, "Boy Toy."

Mummy McTavish said...

Yep, you are allowed to freak out if your little girl asks for her "boy toy"!

I put *brush teeth *eat lunch *feed kids, on my to do lists... makes me feel good to see at least one thing crossed off... sometimes it's even the feed kids one!

I LOVE PJ DAYS. I try to tell Wolf that just because I am still in my PJ's when he gets home is no measure of how much I got done in the day. I can be very successful while still in my PJ's.

We do name "panacakes" too... actually just letter pancakes. You are a far more dedicated mum, I can't even get one or two letters to look right and you got their whole names working!

I still can't email you... whenever I click your name all I get is "noreply@blahblahblah..." mummymctavish @ is me... but no spaces... I just don't want Boy Mom's freaky Chinese robot comment stalker emailing me :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I LOVE PJ days!!! Those pancakes look yummy!! I need one of those days real soon!

Mrs. NB

Ashleigh said...

You are by far the most AMAZING mom ever!!!!! Love the pancakes and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pics! I love how sweet Lily looks. Lets do something on your next day off. I'll text you soon.

The Andersen Adventures said...

Love those days off! They are the best! It's always nice to get some extra P.J. time!