Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is the first girly cake I ever made. This was for Lilys' first birthday.
If you can't tell it is a lady BUG, so I guess it isn't that girly after all except for the cute colors.
I like to make the frosting really with bright colors. My 13yr old son informed me the other day that the frosting turns his poo weird colors, just thought your might want to know. Beware, the colored animal and colored goldfish crackers as well. Hopefully I haven't ruined your appetite.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am getting old

I am so proud of him. Riley is growing up, he'll be 18yrs old in July and graduating this May. Crazy I can't believe how fast time goes. I am not the the first to admit, teenagers can be hard to raise. We've had our struggles, arguments, etc. yet we have endured.

Tonight was his senior prom. ( Ahh , I am getting old!) Before taking off to dinner the boys brought their dates by for a photo session. I was so excited. What a great group of boys. Handsome too!

Thank you Riley for inviting us up to take pictures it meant a lot to me to take part in this special night. I hope all the boutonniere's I pinned on and repaired lasted the night. I admit it I am proud, I think Riley and his wonderful date ( girl friend) are the CUTEST!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Springbreak or not springbreak

I usually try to get away during springbreak,

Hopes of playing in the sun with chalk were even dashes to pieces, or turned into a soggy mess.

We enjoyed an evening with have the "Boys R Us " clan, #'s 5 , 6, 7. Thank goodness for videos and popcorn. The next night we went skating at the local roller rink. Yeah, I forgot the camera. That is probably a good thing. After skating......

Swap kids again with "Boys R Us" , this time we got #'s 3, 4. I made them go to bed before mid night. They whined, but they crashed hard.

Well the snow melted and look what happens. The 3 teenagers from the previous picture found the chalk. What was left of it and .... well you can see. Some pretty good talent, but I am glad that it washes away. Boy mom suggested that we should convince the gangs to switch to sidewalk chalk for easy clean up.

Little Lil' needed a girly companion so we called up cousin Meg and enjoyed a long ride in the bike trailer after a day of playing together.

Now everyone back to their own homes a moment to plant "bunches of pansies", Milo is my gardening buddy. He does a great job. I just love these flowers.

Now if I can keepem' watered.

Hopefully spring will say for a few more weeks.

Seeing the new growth and planting flowers was the perfect ending to the cold beginings of the break.

Friday, April 17, 2009

What is under your couch?

I took a few days off to go and play and have fun with the kids. Yeah aren't you so excited for me? Darn that weather! No camping, no hiking, or playing outside unless I dig out the snow clothes that I packed away several weeks ago. I think it has snowed three times since. I pray for spring, please pray with me.

Anyhoo.... since I was stuck inside for spring break I decided to do a little spring cleaning. I rinsed and disinfected the humidifiers , cleaned storage buckets for the pantry, and cleaned under the couch!

Clean under the couch? Crazy I know! I usually try to tackle this task once a week. Due to the many other motherly tasks I attend to, I had not swept under the couch for a long while.

Are you amazed? I wasn't. We have a large sectional couch placed on hardwood floors. I always find such treasures under the couch, just unusually not this much.

I decided that this little pile reminded me of those search and find jars you can make with little trinkets and beans or rice in a glass jar. Fun stuff. What do you see? Is there anything worth saving? My husband would say, " Hell no, throw it all away!" Not me, there might be something important in that pile of dirt, dust and lint. Isn't that what moms do? Continually pick up all the lost items and put them back where they belong!

Same pile minus the dirt,dust and lint.

Good thing we also have a brush. Lil' obviously was the winner of most of the treasures I found. I have no idea which puzzle the 3 pink puzzle pieces go to. Lil' has 4 princess puzzles that came as a set and each set has the same lovely princess pink pieces. I guess I'll be putting together puzzles. The things we do.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Simple Little Flowers.

On this beautiful cool Easter morn my thoughts are turned to Christ and his atoning sacrifce. Such love He exemplified for all man kind, so that in and through God's plan we may be resurrected and live again as He did. Christ's atonement for me indiviually, and for each of us, brings me peace and great solace as I walk lifes' path. What an amazing gift, to live again and through the atonement and personal humility be redeemed of God.

A knock came to our door on a sunny cool Sunday afternoon, much like today, 8 years ago. Outside on the front porch 5 ceramic pots of the deepest blue in varying sizes had been placed on the steps. Each pot was filled to the brim with pansies; colors of white, light and dark blues and purples with a touch of yellow accent. On the pathway behind stood a large group of primary children from the church. The leaders and children from our ward had planted these gorgeous pots and brought them as a gift to us, in memory of our cherished Calvin Wesley. Several days prior we had learned that the child I was carrying no longer had a heartbeat, he was gone. Here stood beautiful smiling children bringing flowers and their love to strengthen and uphold us after our loss.

This small loving act of service brings the atonement of Christ full circle for me. It was He who gave the greatest act of service for all mankind, that we may live once again after death. His pure sacrifice and charity for all exemplifies how we should live now, each and every day. These humbled children had brought hopes of love and charity, by means of simple little flowers, to our home. Many of them didn't understand nor did we understand why our child was lost, yet through the example of Christ's love we were brought to the realization of God's plan and the atonement, the greatest gift of charity. It has taken me minutes, days and several years to accept this gift. The gift was there I had to choose to accept it. The hurt and sorrow seemed unbearable, yet I have endured. Through the years my faith in Gods' plan and Christs' sacrifice has grown. That seed of a faith was nourished by the loving kindness of the primary children many years ago.

I have always been fond of pansies, however each year when I replant the pots or even see pansies of these colors it brings me to a sense of being; a sense of life, hope and renewed faith that it is all worth it. If, I am worth that much to God and Christ that blood was spilt for me, then I want to be worthy of that love. So, I say to my self, " Be strong, don't get down about your mistakes or your trials, pick yourself up hang on to the faith, hope and charity given ; in turn give it to those around you." To me this simple little flower each spring renews life as Christ did. I am profoundly grateful for the simplicities of life that take me down that path each day to a greater understanding of life and God's plan, even in its' sometimes overwhelming, and misunderstood complexity.

So this year and in years past I'll plant bunches of simple little flowers in in my deep blue ceramic pots in remembrance of Calvin, my love for him, faith I'll see him again; for my Savior Jesus Christ and faith in His love for me.