Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What have you been doing?

Lil' and her cousin
Playing in the freezing cold.
The kids didn't seem to mind.
I did!
Flying kites in the wind and cold.
Where are the warm winds?
Yoga with the "little ones."
Awe... I love doing yoga.
I am not that good at it, nor do I get to do it with out interuptions.
As you can see.

" Down dog position," we don't even own a dog.

Great job Lil'!

" The tree"

presented by Milo, he never holds this still.

We love our PJ days.

Milo and Lil' made puddin' pops.


Easter morn........

I must admit I was mourining, about the snow.

However, grateful for Christ and the Atonement.

Easter baskets and a egg hunt at Grandma I's.

The sun is out!
Time to fly kites again.

Daddy ended up flying her kite.

But not for Milo.

He took charge and let all the string out!

However, daddy had to wind it all up.

All this fun and crazy weather,
Boy am I frazzeled!

Bonus pic.....
Riley, sporting ( pimpin') one of the girls dress up hats at Grandma I's.
I hope he dosen't use this for a resume.
I love my kids!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Child, My Love

My Child, My Love
S Krupa

I cradled you in my arms
When you were sent to me
For only a moment
And then you were free

Oh how I miss you
And long to see your face
But I had to let you go
Home to God’s embrace

My child, my love
My life, my son
Baby of mine
Angel divine
Back to your Father’s arms

I kissed each little finger
And watched you close your eyes
Before the heavens took you
Away for just awhile
My heart will now hold you
Until you’re by my side
I pray the angels
Will sing for you
This mother’s lullaby

My child, my love
My life, my son
Baby of mine
Angel divine
Back to your Father’s arms
Baby of mine
Back to your Father’s arms

Calvin Wesley 3/23/2001

Through our loving Savior,

Jesus Christ we are given the greatest gifts

The atonement, ressurection and eternal life.

I forever long to embrace

My son.