Friday, March 19, 2010

What's Up! / 4 Non Blondes

I have been dipping into some of my favorite albums.

This band is at the top. I love her voice. I dream that I could have a voice like that, oh and the courage to sing, other than in a choir. I have a number of songs that I would sing just for my hubby. I'll just have to cherish him, singing for me.

Lately, many a nights, I have been in my bed staring at the ceiling wondering if I am ever going to go to sleep. My eyes and body are soo tired yet I don't sleep. I have run on, an average of 4hrs sleep, that gets interupted by my little ones. They both wake me up every night to get in my bed. They are 4 and 7. I don't get it.

So there I am, laying in bed crying to just get it all out, what's in my head. All though I am NOT 25yrs old, I often feel the struggle to get up that great big hill.

For all you other friends of mine, that are climbing your hill. I hope you can pray, step outside and even scream at the top of you lungs" whats going on?

"This song lifts me. Especially when I listen to it really loud in the car, when I am by myself so I can sing along at the top of my lungs. Then, I take that deep breath and take on another day climbing that hill to my destination.

My hill all though it is staggered with rocks and bumps, it is a wonderful hill to climb. It is full of faith, love, beauty, my husband, our children, our lives together all of which I love so much.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

all tHings gReen

hAppy St. pAtrick's dAy !

It had been a long while since making "green pancakes" for the holiday.
I did this every year when my 2 oldest were little.
I even made green egg scramble once.
Where is that "Sam, I am" when I need him?
I thought it would be fun to treat the 2 youngest to the tradition that had long since past.
Milo was a wee bit leery about eating green pancakes.
I assured him that they tasted just the same and that his older brothers used to eat them.
He gobbled them up!
Lil ' she was even more leery about the colored pancakes.
She only ate 2.

I have to admit they really don't look all that great.
On to getting ready for work.

I dug out some green eye shadow.

Wore my green scrubs.
Green gum!

My trusty green water bottle, my efforts to save the planet.
Green pear, oh so sweet.

So after urging my own to eat the green pancakes, what do I find at work?
I have worked at this hospital for nearly 18 yrs.
Never fail, each St. Patrick's day.
Green bagels are delivered by the management.
They actually tasted great this year and were soft and fresh.

Good day to you.
I leave you wishing for the green,
of the coming spring to brighten our days.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just Shake'm In

It has been about three years since I invested in buying new undergarments for myself.
A few weeks back I decided it was time, well our dryer did.
So after our dryer ate several of my silkies.
(Of course I waited until the dryer was fixed.)
It was time.
I was pretty sure that I needed to by a smaller size!
Yeah, for me. On the bottom end but not the top end.
Upon delivering our last child my weight was 220lbs or so.
Now I teeter at about 165lbs, depending upon the glorious monthly cycles.
Which of course adds 5 to 8lbs, plus the extra weight put on by cyclic cravings.
So when do you know it is time for a new bra and panties?
When your dyer eats your clothes.
The obvious, you have to wash too often.
Because the supply doesn't meet the demand.
You lean over and your under wire pokes you in the eye.
Or this one:
Upon leaning over to scrub the tub you come to the realization that your shrunken, saggy used up lactation devices are sloshing around in side the bra cup.
Oh what a sad day!
For the bottom end, well I'll have to bring it up again.
That monthly cycle wears on the silkies down here.
Our cycles really have an affect every aspect in our lives
I was pleased that on the bottom I could purchase a smaller size in the waist.
The waist is measured not the "buttocks," there is still plenty there.
The thighs and hips are packing most of the weight.
Some say, "more cushion for the pushin' "
So, I shouldn't worry.
I don't want any injuries anyway.
Where is this leading?
Why can weight loss be proportional to "OUR DESIRE?"
Yes, my top end shrunk, yet there is still a lot of cellulose on those thighs and hips.
The top end wasn't that big to begin with either.
Even prior to child bearing years.
You'd think that after all that we go through to have children.
We'd come out on top.
We deserve it, right?
As you know, this is not how it works in the real world.
The real world, not of that of "silicone valley"
We are left, plump, stretched out and a whole lot saggier.
Due to the economic state of the world.
A trip to "silicone valley" just ain't gonna happen!
So my only choice is to buy a new bra.
So there I am getting fitted for a new bra.
Out comes the measure tape.
I will reiterate, there just isn't a whole lot there.
The bra I was wearing is a 38 C.
I now need a 36 C.
Wait a minute, that is the same size cup.
It just doesn't make sense, to me.
The kind, well trained, much older lady helping me.
Graciously, informed me,
that the "cup" of the 38 C is the exact same cup as the 34 D.
Hence my sloshing problems.
Go figure.
The lady assisting me is very knowledgeable in the subject of bras.
It is important to wear your bra " properly!"
She adjusted the straps.
So that the back of the bra fit straight across my back.
and not at an upward curve.
Next, I had to bend over at my waist and back up again.
Evaluating to see if the bra stayed where it was supposed to.
Move your arms around to check comfort under the arm area.
A quick check to adjust the under wire to the proper spot.
Using a little "push up motion," provides a proper lift.
Last but not least, sit down.
Is your left over "baby bulge "or "muffin top" squishing up
causing any discomfort?
Now for the most important tip.
How to put your bra on.
After you fasten the clasps, pull up the straps and in one smooth motion.
Lean forward, gently pulling the upper portion of the cup and strap forward a bit and
you "shake'm in" to fill the cup.
The cute little lady actually leaned forward,
demonstrating this process for me as she explained .
I was in awe.
I make my bra choices and go forth to the check counter.
Again the darling lady informs me of how to wash, dry and store my new bras.
Ready for more info?
Don't wear the same bra two days in a row.
Switch them up a bit to keep their shape.
Don't fold one cup into the other one to store in your drawer.
Lay your bra out so both cups are looking you in the face.
Washing. Make sure you fasten the clasps before washing.
This helps the clasps from getting bent out of shape.
COLD water wash ONLY!
Always wash your bras in a mesh bag so that they don't get all tangled up and stretched out.
....and NEVER, NEVER , NEVER dry your bras in the dyer!
After washing, use your fingers to gently smooth out and reshape the cup.
Again, lay flat with the exterior of the cup out.
Who would of thought that you could receive so much bra training in one day.
I guess I should be happy that I was sized for a 36 C and not a training bra.
Remember to shake'm in!

Friday, March 5, 2010

cake of ' 06

Nothing inspiring for me to post about, so I have pulled a cake from the archives.

Here is a cake that I made for the "Birthday Boy" from the previous post.

Poor boy, I worked on his birthday this year and haven't even made him a cake.

I did give him a box of 36 Butterfinger candy bars though.

I am pretty sure that we are good.

So 4 years ago I made this cake for him.

Obviously I made the pattern from his T-shirt.

It is some type of "skater logo."

Ha-ha, the rambunctious boys in my family thought that I should have changed the " thumbs up" to another " unmentionable finger gesture."

What am I to do about them.

That's it, ode to 4 years ago.