Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas and New Years 2010
I carried my camera every where with me. Did I think to take any pictures?
I do have some that I took at home Christmas morning but you'll have to wait until I load them up on the computer. Don't wait with bated breath, you might be waiting a long time.
So these few from my cell phone will have to do.

A little cuddle time while waiting to open presents at Grandma and Grandpa I's

Our baby Calvin's grave.
This is a quick snap shot from the cemetery on Christmas Eve.
Dark ,yet solemn.
Every year this is my most cherished moment of the season.
Our family gathering in remembrance of our son and brother.
Huddled together we have a quiet, simple prayer.
Jason ( dad, Father, husband) always offers the prayer.
My heart swells at this moment as we give thanks for all we have.
Our love is sent on to Calvin.
All here, on Christmas Eve, as we begin our celebration of Christ.
His life, gospel and the fullness of His atoning sacrifice for us all.
All that will bring a fullness to ours, when we are reunited with our son and brother

What is this you ask?
I'll call it "snow painting," with smoke bombs on New Years Day.
Milo had a blast!
What a great way to start of the new year with fire, smoke, and color.
It brought a smile to my face, watching the two youngest having fun in the cold crisp air of the first day of the new year.
With the chill of the winter season, who wouldn't want a cup of piping hot cocoa?
This is Lily's wonderful snowman she made at school.
I love it.
I love hot cocoa at night too...
It makes me all melty, warm inside.
( The spell check doesn't like my form of the word melt. Too bad.)
I am definitely going to hook up with this snowman.
I hope you do too!