Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something Other than Nuggets

Last Saturday I attempted to offer the little ones, cause they were the only ones home, a healthy lunch.
A spinach, black beans, cheese, red peppers quesadilla.

Lil" was willing to try everything. She is such a great eater.

Milo on the other hand went with just cheese. So I offered him a salad. Home made ranch is the only way to go. Also so good for dipping.
I have decided to try and offer more healthy dishes for my family. Well, I did it once.......
Then the next day I came down with an awful cold....Blah. It has been going through our little family and it was my turn.


Mummy McTavish said...

Ugh, lunch. I get chills just thinking about what to give them. Now I have to think about school lunches too... double UGH!

I am so impressed that they ate all that! My kids would have eaten the flatbread and then gone hungry... that's on a good day.

Cowboy mom said...

I need to kick it in to gear and start offering more healthy things, too. SIGH

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

What a delicious looking meal!

susan said...

You make the deliciousest, healthy foods.

I'm sorry about your awful cold. As healthy as you eat I'm surprised you ever get sick.