Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Randomness......

Oops... Such a random day I posted just the title..

Mrs. Nurse Boy is lurking for us all to share our randomness. Aren't our lives ANYTHING BUT random. Wait is random a synonym for CRAZY!

Lets see work at 6:45 am, on 5 hrs sleep. Got to bed (sleep) late, not prohibited to discuss why, ;). 7yr old had an accident. I was too lazy to make him a new bed after helping him change clothes so I let him cuddle with us, Dumb, dumb , dumb..... squished and restless, tossing and turning ensued. Oh, so not 5hrs of sleep.

Why do others have to be driving to work at the same time as me? Don't they know I didn't get any sleep and I am rushing to work. I have a tardy problem, can't be late!!! Arrgh... I know it is only fair to my patients and co-workers if I am on time. I really believe I have a genetic disposition that is the whole reason for my lateness. I was born late.

My 13yr old just called me at work to yell at me for putting baking soda in his beyond stinky soccer cleats. I need help here. The salesman said to, "put newspaper in the cleats after wearing to absorb the moisture (stinky moisture) then follow with baking soda." I can't convince my son to do this. I know when the cleats are in the house, yuck. I paid for the cleats I have every right to deodorize them if at all possible.

Even worse, is when it is my turn to pick up the 5 other neighborhood boys from soccer practice and they all remove their cleats, shinguard and socks. I need to buy a flat bed pickup if I am going to continue this car pool.

Worry over sister and her children during adversity of divorce and financial woes. Pray for her.

Here is random.. our toilet paper roll has shrunk. No not because we are partaking of its soft goodness. The company, I am sure due to the economic crunch, has taken upon them selves to short us. Have you noticed that your roll of toilet paper no longer covers up the toilet paper holder thingy?

After working 10hrs try to pleasantly serve in our church calling and take 11yr scouts swimming. This is very difficult. Upon arriving home our children are harping, " what is for dinner."I harp back, "I don't know yet, and add have you any homework, pick up your junk, and why aren't your chores done yet? Turn off the computers and TV now! PLEASE!" Am I whining, so sorry.

I didn't get up early enough to exercise!!!! Oops whining again.

Yesterday was able to have lunch with Boy Mom, yeah she is finally starting to feel better. I hope she'll be blogging soon. I miss her writings.

Took time to wander over to a few posts from Poop on Jelly. Wonderful way to spend my lunch at work. Thanks for sharing it was fun and relaxing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"BLUE" cake

Tommy 3 yrs!

This was so much fun to make.

Celebrating with Aunt Brooke again. Notice the "Steve" shirt, it was Tommy's favorite shirt. Oh, the memories, he is 13 now!

Quick Hike

A few weeks ago I talked my mom, and sister into going for a quick hike up to Brideaveil Falls

Lil' and Lexie

My sister and her children

Yep, I said it was quick, well a quick decision. I hiked in my dress, part of my pioneer heritage or stupidity.

Probably stupidity, I also wore flip flops. You can't use the word "thongs" any more, besides who would go hiking in thongs. Oooo... gross thought!

Joe's Valley reunion 2009

(I never did meet Joe.)

High there!

Here are a few pics from our family reunion this past August.

Big brother and Lil' sister just a hangin' out in the boat. I love these cuddly moments.

Lil' was pretty scared, it was her first time riding the HOT DOG! What fun. We spent a lot of time on the lake.

I think Milo is praying, so was I. Crazy thing as a mom, always concerned about their safety. But we are not gonna just sit at home and grow roots.

Uhh..... Milo didn't fare to well with the tubing. " Stick with the HOT DOG Milo!"

We also spent time visiting with my moms siblings and their children and their children's children. My mom comes from a family of 14 children. Not all of the brothers and sisters were able to come. My mom is the red head in between my aunts in the purple and red shirts.

The Robinson family reunion is something we look forward to every summer. Who's in charge next year? Where are we going?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


"The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention."
Richard Moss

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

Go jogging on a Saturday at 6:30am? Rarely, but I did it today, 31/2 miles whew!


Go 13yr old sons' soccer game at 8:30am? Well, the little ones and I made it there by nine, luckily too. We were supplying the oranges for halftime energy boost. ( all of his games are Sat. @ 8:30am! ).


Oh, they won 9 to 0. Way to go boys!


Decide that that box of peaches mom got for me and the tomato's in the garden aren't going to can themselves. Spend all afternoon and most of the evening making jam, canning peaches, and salsa. Mom stopped by to help for a few a hours. ( shout out to Mom. I love my mommy).You may ask why it would take so long? Well first I had to do the dishes and clean the kitchen, feed kids, do laundry, etc...


Peach jam went together smoothly. Mom came and brought me books on how to bottle peaches and tomato's. I remembering helping her when I was little but that was it. Thanks again mom for all the advice and help.

Lil' played with neighbor girls here and there, to no avail. Milo played with a friend. Hours spent not bothering me in the kitchen.


Carbon monoxide detector goes off in the middle of chopping ingredients for salsa? Turn off stove and run to the store and buy new battery hoping and praying that will fix the problem. I really didn't want to call 911 in the middle of my project. All is well.


Mom stops back by with sisters kids? Bring on the noise. Out comes the snake and the gecko. Gecko gets injured. I yell to put all the critters away. Then on comes the game cube at full volume.


Discover that most of the 36 crickets that you bought 3 days ago had been knocked over and are loose? Yep, as I was chatting with Boy Mom on the phone and herding the neighbor boy out the door at 9:30pm we found crickets on the loose. Scramble to capture them all, on the stairs, in the kids rooms, the game closet, and even into the front room. Luckily the last of the canning was in the pot on the stove processing.


Have 8 loads of laundry piled in baskets in the front room @ 10:30? It is late but decide to fold them all and start more washing. Thank heavens for SNL. Pickup crickets that crawl across the floor as I fold. Upstairs to put them away, the crickets not the clothes.


Text message hubby who is out of town? If your fingers get tired of texting, you can always fold laundry to keep them agile. Catch crickets.


Sarah McLaughlin is on Austin City Limits? This is nice, maybe I'll get all this laundry folded as I watch. Catch a few more crickets.


As you go upstairs to put captured crickets away, find the ball python loose in the boys room.? Good thing it was "Q", seen on prior blog, and not the red tail boa. Catch more crickets.


The three youngest kids fall asleep on the couch as you strive to wrap the laundry up? Prior to going to sleep Lil' was bathed, and I snuggled with Milo and Tommy. Milo argues about wearing a pull-up after, I just allowed him to drink a glass of diet DP. I'll put it on him after he goes to sleep no sense arguing at this hour. Catch crickets. Put Lil' in bed.


Upon finishing folding laundry, think you should stay up late and blog about your event full day? I actually did this, and you are reading it. I am insane. Before blogging , go to take Milo up to bed. The couch is wet, on goes the pull-up a wee bit too late. Oh, and it is late, I am tired. Catch a cricket. Clean the couch and blog. I am now gonna go take a bath. I have been on my feet more than when at work and bent over way too much to..... pick up crickets!


Wonder if I you should of let the children run wild while doing canning project? It was a long fun day, lots of canning accomplished, feel satisfied, smiling and laughing ( about crickets running loose as I yell at kids to gather them, while on the phone).


7 quarts of peaches

12 8oz. jars of peach jam

9 pints of salsa

Lots of folded laundry

Many, many crickets

One loose snake


Was it all worth it? Yeah GOODNIGHT!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it"

Proverbs 22:6

This scripture was referenced in a message by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "The Influence of Righteous Women." No matter what faith you belong to, this article stresses the importance of our roles as women and mothers. Here is a quote that brought me strength to the trying days, "to make life sweet today, to give contentment to the heart today, to bring salvation today... Some of us look forward to time in the future--salvation and exaltation in the world to come-- but today is part of eternity." (David O MCkay). I encourage all to read it here is the link if you are interested, http://lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?locale=0&sourceId=20f31a01e8d43210VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=f318118dd536c010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD

When I read the verse from Proverbs I chuckled to myself. Because 11yrs or so back we introduced our oldest to the Venus fly trap. We had found this little plant for sale at the local grocery store and bought him one. He was young and intrigued by the plants ability to eat bugs. Now Riley is a nature boy through and through, days were spent feeding and nurturing this little plant. Catching bugs and setting fruit out to rot so flies would gather as food was a necessity. Oh what fun and joy it brought to his life. For a long while after that every time we would go to the store we had to check to see if they had any Venus fly traps in. We could seldom find them. Once we thought of special ordering one, sounds crazy I know.

A few days ago my husband and I ran down to grab some bread and milk. Do you actually think that is all we would come home with? Well maybe if Jason had gone alone. We were headed down the produce isle towards the bread and there caught my eye a rather large display of Venus fly traps. As I showed them to Jason I said, "We need to get one of these for Milo." Milo is 7 about the same age as Riley was when we bought him one. We reminisced about Riley's excitement and how much fun he had. Milo was going to love this. We both were struck with the thought, "We had better get one for Riley too," because it was inevitable Riley, now 18, would want Milo's' plant. So we headed home with two. I was excited.

I became more excited to give Riley his plant. Upon arriving home I ran downstairs to give him his surprise. "No way! You are kidding me, where did you get it?", he said as he grabbed the plant and abandoned his girl friend to go in search for food. Riley's' excitement sparked his little brother and he watched him place a small cricket into one of the plants snares.
Yes, we have caught bugs and even set fruit out to rot. This weekend Riley left town and the only contact has been a text message saying, "Water my Venus fly trap."
You probably ask, so where is the religious link in my tale? It's not exactly a faith building tale either. Just a simple little tale of how something we had introduce to Riley so many years ago had planted a interest in him. This is true with everything we bring to our children's heart, thoughts and eyes. This is why after reading the verse I laughed. I am ever grateful for the joys our children can bring to us.

Milo is hooked, here sharing his plant at school. Showing his classmates how the plant snaps shut. He is so much like his older brother.

We also brought the snakes to share. However interestingly enough Jason cares for them now. Yet Riley caught lots of water snakes for Milo this summer.

"Q " our first snake. Oops Riley's!

Here is the 18 yr old chasing the ducks at grandma's. I don't think he'll ever grow up. Just kidding, he is a wonderful young man.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Julys' Passage

Summer has been so busy that I haven't taken the time to share some of our fun. It is sad that summer is over.

My favorite shaved ice shack is gone, arrgh!

Oh, on with the fun.

Way back in July I went on a little vacation with a friend(BOY MOM) and her children. We had a blast. Just Moms and BOYS, oh and Lily came also. We couldn't leave her home.
Where is and what is there to do in Loa?
It is a small little town a few freckles south of Levan, which is navel backwards, the center of Utah. My grandpa taught me that little fact. I have learned that if you live in Loa you mostly likely are, uhm country folk. A lot of farming, horses, cattle and so forth.

Why visit and what do we as visitors do there?

First off make sure you bring everything you need. There's not a Walmart or 7-11 in site. There is a local grocery store that closes somewhere between 5 and 7pm, something like that, and not open on Sunday. Store hours also depend on the season of the year as well. The light of day isn't put to waste there, bailing hay, harvesting, feeding and watering etc...

It took a lot of planning on our part to make sure we went to the store before going out to play or get back early enough to be the last ones running through the store gathering our forgotten or needed items for the next day. There is a lot of exploring to do in the area. My favorite spot in Utah is Capital Reef, only a 20 minute drive from Loa. We spent most of our time there this trip.

Boy moms' parents have a little 2 bedroom house in Loa. It is often called the "cabin". It is a house. The home has running water, shower, washer, dryer, etc. However no TV, unless you bring one. Which would be useless, because there is no antenna or cable hook up to the home. It is filled with lots of nick knacks and memories of Boy Moms family. I love staying there. I have even stayed there with out Boy Mom. I am so grateful to her family for sharing such a special part of their lives with us. The cell phone service is real iffy. There is a small patch of service between Loa and Capital Reef. It isn't exactly roughing it but who wants to rough it with 7 kids. Well the kids rough it, there are only two beds. I brought and air mattress for some comfort for the kids. Bless their hearts.

As I said, we spent most of our time in Capital Reef. The pictures I took were mostly of us having fun, not of the amazingly beautiful red rock cliffs. If you haven't been there you should look it up, Capital Reef National Park, Utah.

Boy mom and I are always a little slow at headin' out on out adventures. Good thing the dads don't come, they deserve a break from us. First full day there, we finished breakfast (10:30 or so...) and lazily pack supplies and head to Capital Reef. It was lunch time when we arrived at the park so we unloaded in the beautiful park and picnic area near the visitors center. Lunch took about and hour. We then headed out on our adventure. Boy Mom had never hiked to Hickman Bridge, so we decided to do that. The trail is mildly strenuous, severely strenuous at high noon when you are dragging 7 kids with you, many of whom are wandering chasing lizards." What the...... were we thinking?"

"Come on Issac, you can do it!" Encouragement by Lil'.

"I am so glad it is shady and breezy up here, unlike the trail."

"Hickman Bridge"
Playing under the bridge and exploring.

I hit my head on the rock above as I bent down to take this cute pic. Ouch!

Looking cool and handsome in the heat.

We went through a lot of water!

Sitting on air.
How is he doing that?

When we were all done with the hike and ready to cool off, we dashed to every ones favorite, the water fall.

What kind of mothers would let there children jump into this water hole? Need I answer that.

Bring on the mud!

What kind a mother would coerce her little boy into jumping off the cliff? Isn't that against all parental reasoning?