Sunday, March 8, 2009

A force spring clean

Today while preparing dinner I peeled the potato's in to the sink. I know you are all gasping, well maybe if you have an old disposal like us. As I am peeling I am thinking that I shouldn't try to run all these peels in the disposal. As usual I don't listen and totally clog the drain. My efforts to plunge all the scrapings through the disposal were in vain. My hubby had to take of the trap. While doing this he had placed a large bowl under the pipes to catch all the sludge. There was no catching done it was an explosion, hence the forced spring cleaning of the cabinet under the sink.

Sorry, Babe. Thanks for all you do.

Side note: Yesterday my man was listening to music on the computer. On came a song that he had played for me after my father had died. We were just dating then, but pretty seriously. Any whoo.. the song is "Why Worry" by Dire Straits. Again he gave me music this time to heal my pain and sorrow.
Truthfully I hadn't heard this song for a long time so when I heard it yesterday I was filled with memories of my fathers death and the love and comfort my husband had given me. Later that evening I read multiple blog entries of several dear friends. Some of them cause me to have such a deep hurt for them. In to my mind came the words of this song " Why Worry", just ask my friends I am a huge worrier.

I pray for my friends and those who may read this that you may find solace in these words. Love you all.

Why Worry - Dire Straits

Baby I see this world has made you sad
Some people can be bad
The things they do, the things they say
But baby I'll wipe away those bitter tears
I'll chase away those restless fears
That turn your blue skies into gray

Why worry, there should be laughter after the pain
There should be sunshine after rain
These things have always been the same
So why worry now

Baby when I get down I turn to you
And you make sense of what I do
I know it isn't hard to say
But baby just when this world seems mean and cold
Our love comes shining red and gold
And all the rest is by the way

Why worry, there should be laughter after pain
There should be sunshine after rain
These things have always been the same
So why worry now


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Your poor husband. I am so that wife. Ya know the one... I think I can make something work simply and quickly by taking a short cut. Next thing I know, I am yelling, "HONEY..." and his night is ruined.

We have us some keepers!

Boy Mom said...

Did you play that song for Jason after the drain exploded?

You're so amazing, I love being your bestest friend! Thanks for your kind words and comments, especially in the middle of the potato peel tragedy.

Ashleigh said...

Don't you just love hubbies. They fix all our problems. But then again they cause half of them too don't they? ha ha ha j/k Let's get together friday. I'll call you