Monday, March 16, 2009

Cake(s) of the Month

Since St. Patricks Day is right around the corner, tomorrow.I decided to share with y'all two of the most green cakes that I have made.

This cake is probably the family favorite. I made this cake for Riley. At the time he was in love with chameleons. He has since move on to soccer and girls.

Sad to say, we even went through two pet chameleons. They are a very delicate reptile. So was this cake. So much fun to make though.

Went for something a little bit easier.

This fun little gem was made for Milo. Much like Riley he loves all animals, reptiles, and critters as we call them all.

Don't be afraid to try and sculpt a cake. After all it is just cake. If you mess up I am sure the kids will still eat it.
Just recently I browsed through the ACE of CAKES web site. A friend at work showed it to me. Wow, some real talent there.
My cakes are just frosting and occasional candies. I am thinking the fondant and gum paste stuff looks fun. Might investigate it before the summer birthdays roll around. I am a little nervous that if it works out well I might get hooked on it.
Remember to get up early and make green eggs, green pancakes, and green milk for your kids St. Patty's celebration.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

VERY impressive!!!! I am a cupcake kind of girl, myself. Ya know, mix the batter from the box, bake in paper cups and frost with Betty Crocker. I leave the cakes to my mom. That way I just make sure we all show up to the party on time...hey, that takes talent...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Librafury said...

Wow! Those are awesome cakes! I'm so lame I just buy a GLC (you know what it stands for!) at the grocery store for my kids.

I know I don't have the patience or talent to make anything other than maybe a cake that looks like a box... or a cellphone... or a television (you get the idea).

Great job, Suz! I know that when your kids are all grown up, this is something they will look back on and REALLY TRULY appreciate.

Boy Mom said...

You are the Michelangelo of cool cake sculpture. Remember the wedding cake you helped me with? That's when I accepted that I will never be a cake sculptor. Now I stick with flat, on an upside down cookie sheet covered in tinfoil, and lots of frosting.

The chameleon is close to my favorite, very life like.