Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sunshine always there, patiently waiting to warm, uplift and teach me with its out reaching rays. Often, obscured by clouds and storms, we can't see the rays or feel them but they are there. At rapid paces I go through out the day without even looking up and acknowledging its wanting presence. It wants to be with me, showing me the brightness of life.

I had the opportunity of taking a walk on my lunch break today. Something that I do often (exercise OCD). The sun was out shining down on me and everyone else, it felt good and brought me happiness. The presence of the suns rays were magnified by my walking companion. A dear friend, bestest friend ever, took time out from her busy day to meet me and walk with me. As we talked, hardly ever just chat, at length of our thoughts and struggles I am brought to an awareness of the beauty of friendship. This dear friend is much like the sunshine always there, patiently waiting, warming, uplifting and always teaching and reaching, listening( I like to think the sun listens to us in some cosmic sort of way).

So grateful for the many rays of sunshine ever present in my sphere, some rays are more penitrating at times others are soft and sublte each rasing me through the moments of life.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Beautiful post!!! Sounds like a wonderful friend. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to stop and count the rays of sunshine in our lives!

Thanks for the reminder!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Boy Mom said...

I glad you love the sun so much! I stood outside and soaked up a few rays for just a minute today, and, of course, thought of you. I like to think the sun is something we always share no matter how close or far apart we are.

Cowboy mom said...

Thanks for the comment. Yeah!!! come on down. Physically we're closer to the sun at 7000 feet(wink) I am amazed at that awesome cake. We just made one for the blue and gold banquet. It was a flop I didn't even take a picture, too humiliating. But, Caib liked it..Whew.