Thursday, March 19, 2009


I went for another walk today while at work. This wasn't an OCD walk. I was a furious, storming dash.

You see while at work unprepared for any visitors, AUNTIE FLOW, decides to drop by. She is quite bothersome. I love my children in all but I wish this relative would just disintegrate when childbearing was done. I know there is a lot more involved hormones are need through out the rest of my years. Truthfully, I 've had enough of those too, I'll save ya that rant. Oh, and isn't is the hormones that start it all sending notices of fatigue, aches, mad chocolate cravings.

Good ole auntie, had sent a few of those memos. I was aware she was coming for a visit. But my heck, woman ring the doorbell! Don't barge in and expect to be taken care of.

Yes I was unprepared, at work. My two co-workers were of no help, one pregnant and the other in menopause. Yep, hormones and hot flashes are a flyin' here today, watch out!

So outside I go. Out into sunshine non the less. Are ya feelin' my pain, uh maybe frustration, I saw the sun but didn't care today. Clinched inside mentally and clinching the "TP" that is entertaining dear ole auntie I rush to the store across the street.

I walk past the Easter candies.... why not I deserve it. Searching for my favorite solid chocolate cadbury mini eggs, ooh once I found them in DARK CHOCOLATE. Ah ha there they are , individual size bags. I grab three, one for me, and one for my two co-workers. After all they do have to work with me today.

Proceed to the toiletry isle to find some party favors, goodies, what ever you call them. Today's choice was "super". I haven't had to use these since I had the IUD placed 2+yrs ago. Before the IUD the party favors were served up three at a time in" super plus size", Ouch!. So the threat of needing a super ragged me, arghh.

On my way to the registrar I pass a huge barrel full of the ten ounce sized mini eggs. Screw the individual ones, good thing the barrel wasn't full of the 1 lb size. Then, I 'd have to do some OCD walking.

Party favors to satisfy ole auntie and chocolate for me, back to work. Oh, hey the sun is out, sigh and smile. I just love the sunshine. Grateful I was able to dash across the street to remedy the situation. I could never of been a pioneer. Those women must of had some tricks up their sleeves or some" boy (girl) scout" motto to survive by.

P.S. the mini eggs are really good frozen and can easily be hidden from the other chocolate ragging thieves in your homes, none of which have cycles. Lil is only 3.


Boy Mom said...

Sounds like too much proximity to another "auntie in town" woman while sun walking and talking (kinda like Jive talking and walking. Sorry! i would have brought you party favors and chocolate if you had called.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Party favors and chocolate! You crack me up. I'll be needing those in a few days. Although, maybe I should get a head start on the chocolate, huh?!

Mrs. Nurse Boy