Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Randomness......

Oops... Such a random day I posted just the title..

Mrs. Nurse Boy is lurking for us all to share our randomness. Aren't our lives ANYTHING BUT random. Wait is random a synonym for CRAZY!

Lets see work at 6:45 am, on 5 hrs sleep. Got to bed (sleep) late, not prohibited to discuss why, ;). 7yr old had an accident. I was too lazy to make him a new bed after helping him change clothes so I let him cuddle with us, Dumb, dumb , dumb..... squished and restless, tossing and turning ensued. Oh, so not 5hrs of sleep.

Why do others have to be driving to work at the same time as me? Don't they know I didn't get any sleep and I am rushing to work. I have a tardy problem, can't be late!!! Arrgh... I know it is only fair to my patients and co-workers if I am on time. I really believe I have a genetic disposition that is the whole reason for my lateness. I was born late.

My 13yr old just called me at work to yell at me for putting baking soda in his beyond stinky soccer cleats. I need help here. The salesman said to, "put newspaper in the cleats after wearing to absorb the moisture (stinky moisture) then follow with baking soda." I can't convince my son to do this. I know when the cleats are in the house, yuck. I paid for the cleats I have every right to deodorize them if at all possible.

Even worse, is when it is my turn to pick up the 5 other neighborhood boys from soccer practice and they all remove their cleats, shinguard and socks. I need to buy a flat bed pickup if I am going to continue this car pool.

Worry over sister and her children during adversity of divorce and financial woes. Pray for her.

Here is random.. our toilet paper roll has shrunk. No not because we are partaking of its soft goodness. The company, I am sure due to the economic crunch, has taken upon them selves to short us. Have you noticed that your roll of toilet paper no longer covers up the toilet paper holder thingy?

After working 10hrs try to pleasantly serve in our church calling and take 11yr scouts swimming. This is very difficult. Upon arriving home our children are harping, " what is for dinner."I harp back, "I don't know yet, and add have you any homework, pick up your junk, and why aren't your chores done yet? Turn off the computers and TV now! PLEASE!" Am I whining, so sorry.

I didn't get up early enough to exercise!!!! Oops whining again.

Yesterday was able to have lunch with Boy Mom, yeah she is finally starting to feel better. I hope she'll be blogging soon. I miss her writings.

Took time to wander over to a few posts from Poop on Jelly. Wonderful way to spend my lunch at work. Thanks for sharing it was fun and relaxing.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Sinky cleats... you are speaking my language!! And, even though I will never admit to it in front of my kids, I do my own fair share of whining.

Sh... don't tell them!

I will send some linky love your way!


Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

OH, I know all about stinky cleats AND tennis shoes!
I thought our son Daniel had the stinkiest feet in the world!
AND I know what you mean about being able to SMELL the shoes before you see the boy! Oh my!
Loved your randomness!! And thanks for stopping by my blog, Suz!!

Mummy McTavish said...

Yuck, boy feet stink in sandals I have found! What's with that?? Gumboots are the most disgusting thing we have to deal with so far... no weekend sports for us yet!

Will pray for sister and kids!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Thanks so much for the update, Suz! I will be shooting you an email later. Poor little guy... not to mention the whole family. Such a rough start this school year. I will be praying for them!

Mrs. Nurse Boy