Friday, December 11, 2009

the Purpose

We have passed up a many of opportunities to donate cash, change, etc... to the the Salvation Army bell ringers. So last Saturday while shopping Milo asked if we had any change to give. I don't carry much change let alone cash, but he had $2.00 in quarters I suggested that he donated his change. He was saving for bouncy balls. I said that the money that people donate go to help those in need, and that he could probably do without bouncy balls. He cheerfully relinquished one quarter.

Last night Milo and I were out shopping again and of course the bell ringers were out in full force. Milo asked, " Mom, do you have any money to give?" I said, " No, but maybe we could get some cash when we checkout at the store."

So at the checkout I got $10.00 cash, as we left the store I gave Milo $5.00 to donate. He was so excited. Once again I explained that the man that was ringing the bell didn't get to have all the money, but that it went to a large fund to help those in need. He was just serving to help others.

At the next store, we passed by yet another bell ringer. I gave Milo another $5.00 to donate, he deposited the money and the man wished us a Merry Christmas. We continued into the store to do our shopping. While doing so, Milo says, "Mom, can we buy a bell so I can stand on our front porch and ring a bell, so people will give me some money!"

Looks as though I need to work on explaining the whole process again.
We had Milo choose items from the giving tree at his school. We had fun shopping for a new book " the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid" for a 12 yr old boy and a new shirt for a 4yr old. Milo insisted that he turn the items in to the school office all by himself.
Hopefully the purpose of it all is sinking in. This holiday season is an especially wonderful time to love and serve others, good job Milo.

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susan said...

I have a bell Milo can borrow. He's so cute way to go Mom. You are always so generous and giving. Hug!