Monday, October 5, 2009

The New Critter

I have previously mentioned the snakes and lizards. This past week end the REPTILE show came to town. It is a must for a few of the male genders in our home. I didn't make it this year. I had worked until 3am and just couldn't do it.

Multiple times Milo was instructed that he wasn't going to come home with a new pet of the scaly persuasion. Riley on the other hand has a job and his own money. His dad also takes care of his two snakes, so Riley didn't have a pet to care for.

Did you notice that I said, " Reptile show?" This is what was brought home. This big critter is NOT a reptile. No where close to it. Neither is the cute little mouse. The video below is not very pleasant I warn you.

Oh come on a spider that eats mice. This is a " Goliath Bird Eater" one of the biggest tarantulas. Riley name him David. Well, I guess I successfully taught him one scripture story. I can't believe he did that. It was the cutest little mouse, come to find out Riley had a hard time doing it.

I thought the phrase was " Lions, tigers and bears. Oh ,no!" Around here it goes, " Lizards, snakes and SPIDERS, Oh, my! What is a mother to do?


Mummy McTavish said...

The video loaded and my skin started to crawl beofre I even hit play!!!
We have bird spiders here. Not the Goliath ones but others that can grow to dinner plate size. I'm pretty sure I've done a post about the one that came in our house (and it WAS NOT WELCOME). They are tough little buggers, I'll tell you that!

Do you have to clean up mouse skins after it drinks the mouse soup out or does that sort eat the whole thing? I'm curious now.

Mummy McTavish said...

So I read this, comment, get up and walk through the house, jump at every shadow, peer into every corner... I'm having nightmares tonight, I hope you'll contribute to my therapy, it's gonna take a few sessions to forget what I've seen!


Suz said...

My son said that when it is done sucking out all the liquified goo from the venom the spider will drag it out of it little cave just leave it there. I have to take another picture it can also get as big as dinner plate.

I am sorry, I caused you such trauma. I pray that you can sleep better tonight. Just know that this spider is in my house and not yours.

Boy Mom said...

Wow! That's disturbing.

Our Beta gave up the ghost this week. Were petless except for the mice that came with this house. I could contribute to the feeding of your new addition if I used live traps.

I can't believe you have to clean up mouse carcasses. I thought cleaning the fish bowl was bad.

Poor Mummy McTavish, I jump when I see the little house spiders we have round these parts.

Cowboy mom said...

UHHGG!!!! I can't even sit at this desk any more. I keep thinking somethings gonna get mmmYYYY TOOOEEES!!!!!!