Friday, April 17, 2009

What is under your couch?

I took a few days off to go and play and have fun with the kids. Yeah aren't you so excited for me? Darn that weather! No camping, no hiking, or playing outside unless I dig out the snow clothes that I packed away several weeks ago. I think it has snowed three times since. I pray for spring, please pray with me.

Anyhoo.... since I was stuck inside for spring break I decided to do a little spring cleaning. I rinsed and disinfected the humidifiers , cleaned storage buckets for the pantry, and cleaned under the couch!

Clean under the couch? Crazy I know! I usually try to tackle this task once a week. Due to the many other motherly tasks I attend to, I had not swept under the couch for a long while.

Are you amazed? I wasn't. We have a large sectional couch placed on hardwood floors. I always find such treasures under the couch, just unusually not this much.

I decided that this little pile reminded me of those search and find jars you can make with little trinkets and beans or rice in a glass jar. Fun stuff. What do you see? Is there anything worth saving? My husband would say, " Hell no, throw it all away!" Not me, there might be something important in that pile of dirt, dust and lint. Isn't that what moms do? Continually pick up all the lost items and put them back where they belong!

Same pile minus the dirt,dust and lint.

Good thing we also have a brush. Lil' obviously was the winner of most of the treasures I found. I have no idea which puzzle the 3 pink puzzle pieces go to. Lil' has 4 princess puzzles that came as a set and each set has the same lovely princess pink pieces. I guess I'll be putting together puzzles. The things we do.


Boy Mom said...

Ohh, those hair clips will come in handy. Cute little Lil!

I do the same thing but my pile looks a lot different.

Thanks for sharing your crazy weather fun with me.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I don't even want to think about what it under my couch. What a scary thought! You mean I need to clean under there? Surely not...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

brobrofamily said...

Nice dust bunnies!!Glad mine isn't the only home that collects those!