Thursday, April 23, 2009

Springbreak or not springbreak

I usually try to get away during springbreak,

Hopes of playing in the sun with chalk were even dashes to pieces, or turned into a soggy mess.

We enjoyed an evening with have the "Boys R Us " clan, #'s 5 , 6, 7. Thank goodness for videos and popcorn. The next night we went skating at the local roller rink. Yeah, I forgot the camera. That is probably a good thing. After skating......

Swap kids again with "Boys R Us" , this time we got #'s 3, 4. I made them go to bed before mid night. They whined, but they crashed hard.

Well the snow melted and look what happens. The 3 teenagers from the previous picture found the chalk. What was left of it and .... well you can see. Some pretty good talent, but I am glad that it washes away. Boy mom suggested that we should convince the gangs to switch to sidewalk chalk for easy clean up.

Little Lil' needed a girly companion so we called up cousin Meg and enjoyed a long ride in the bike trailer after a day of playing together.

Now everyone back to their own homes a moment to plant "bunches of pansies", Milo is my gardening buddy. He does a great job. I just love these flowers.

Now if I can keepem' watered.

Hopefully spring will say for a few more weeks.

Seeing the new growth and planting flowers was the perfect ending to the cold beginings of the break.


Boy Mom said...

I love swapping with you, kids that is, and clothes and menu items. Spring break was a blast even with the snow. The only thing we didn't get swapped was massages. We probably don't want the kiddos around for that anyway. Thanks for making spring break so much fun. Love Ya!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Looks like a wonderful spring break! :0)

Mrs. Nurse Boy