Thursday, February 12, 2009

Procastination Momma

Yep it is 830pm and the Valentines Box contest entries are due tomorrow morning. Several weeks ago the first letter about the contest came home. Last Friday another note came home, and again on Monday. Why do I wait til the last minute for such projects? To be honest, I really don't want to go there. I could present a huge argument for a genetic disposition, but saving that for my manager at work. Basically I am late for pretty much everything and those things that I am not late for I am rushed at doing. That's me.

Anyway, I had been thinking about the valentine contest but could not come up with anything that would be a winner, so I put it off til the last minute ( hours ).

What can I make for this contest, "Duh stupid mom, ask Milo. After all it is his valentine box and his contest."
Milo wants to make a T-REX. Okay how many of you have the needed supplies at home to make a green, cool( none the less) dinosaur valentine box? Now be honest.
I had stopped by the grocery store on the way home and bought a packet of multi colored art construction paper. You see, I hadn't totally put the project off. I knew it was emanate that I would be up very late making this said box.

Dad said, " that would be too hard, just decorate a box and put a few valentine hearts on it".

Oh, no way. I am a full time working mom. Milo needs some quality time with Mom. We are gonna make a T-REX.

Sitting on the floor with construction paper, glue, scotch tape, scissors, empty lemonade canister, and Milo. How in the world am I going to do this? Think, think, think........

After a lot of thinking the building began. Scrunching paper and forming head, arms and legs we were on our way. Milo was right there having fun forming a tail and helping with the tape. The foil covered model was complete, and it was only 10pm. Now for the application of dinosaur green paper. Buy the way tape and glue don't stick very well to foil.
Now 1030pm, Milo has given up and was asleep on the couch. I was left to do all the covering and taping my self.

1050pm mad dash to the store before it closes, needed more tape. I was smart enough to buy it when I bought the paper. After all we always have tape, right? NO!

About 12pm the great green T-REX was done.


You never know you just might have all you need at home to make a T-REX, that is if you have construction paper and lots of tape!
I wish I was asleep. I was so tired. Did I go to bed? No, I finished working on the valentine project that I was making for my sexy valentine. Hour and a half later I go to bed. A tired Momma.
Good luck Milo, Hope we win. For those interested the slot for the valentines is conveniently located under his tail.


Gill said...

New to your blog but WOW your T-Rex is awesome. If you do not win I'd love to see what does! Will not be showing this to my son...or you will be having an order placed LOL.
Love your blog.x

Boy Mom said...

Very awesome, between cakes and Valentines projects you manage to be a great friend, amazing!

Love Ya!