Tuesday, February 17, 2009

pokemon cake

Tommy lighting his birthday cake ( 2/21/07). What is it, you say?

I crafted this from a tiny picture in a pokemon book. Tommy always puts a lot of thought into the cake he wants me to make. I usually have to decline several ideas before he presents one that I feel able to sculpt.

Scuplting is definitely what takes place.

Tommy was pleased ,as you can see.


Boy Mom said...

You make the COOLEST cakes! Tommy is lucky to have you for a Mommy. We should film you teaching people how to make amazing B-Day cakes. You could be the next Rachel Ray,only with cake.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am dropping by to say, "Hi!" I hear we both have something in common. Our love for Boy Mom. My love is from half way across the nation. I am jealous you get to actually spend time with her. Take good care of her, OK? You guys can go shoe shopping and have a Starbuck's for me, OK? I'll back off ;0) She is all yours... except I still need my daily fix of friendly comments from her on my blog... DEAL? Of course, I'll need to comment back. How's that for compromise?!

BTW, I am totally jealous of your cake skills. THAT, my new friend, is talent!!! Very impressive!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

When you start threatening censorship of a cyber loved one, then you get both of us commenting on your blog. I will strike you a deal. If the Mrs. steps over a line, you let me know. I will pull back, and the Mrs. is nothing without me. She couldn't type a coherent sentence without me coaching her all the way.

You bake me a cake, and I will be your pawn!


Boy Mom said...

Thanks all you awesome friends, I feel so loved!