Wednesday, March 17, 2010

all tHings gReen

hAppy St. pAtrick's dAy !

It had been a long while since making "green pancakes" for the holiday.
I did this every year when my 2 oldest were little.
I even made green egg scramble once.
Where is that "Sam, I am" when I need him?
I thought it would be fun to treat the 2 youngest to the tradition that had long since past.
Milo was a wee bit leery about eating green pancakes.
I assured him that they tasted just the same and that his older brothers used to eat them.
He gobbled them up!
Lil ' she was even more leery about the colored pancakes.
She only ate 2.

I have to admit they really don't look all that great.
On to getting ready for work.

I dug out some green eye shadow.

Wore my green scrubs.
Green gum!

My trusty green water bottle, my efforts to save the planet.
Green pear, oh so sweet.

So after urging my own to eat the green pancakes, what do I find at work?
I have worked at this hospital for nearly 18 yrs.
Never fail, each St. Patrick's day.
Green bagels are delivered by the management.
They actually tasted great this year and were soft and fresh.

Good day to you.
I leave you wishing for the green,
of the coming spring to brighten our days.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Hmm... pretty sure you that will be just as green going in as it will coming out!

Yeah, I went there. Sorry, I am married to a GI nurse. I can't help it anymore!

Mrs. NB

Suz said...

I'll keep you posted, Ha-ha!

FYI, stay away from colored gold fish crackers. You'll poop the rainbow!!