Friday, June 26, 2009

What the ..... taken from Boy Mom

My friend over at Boys R Us has a hilarious weekly post titled " What the ......". This is a tribute to "What the ......."

Set the seen, Mom is at work and calls home to check on Tommy (13) Milo (7).

What the ...... You fixed your brother little brother chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! I think to myself. Ummm sounds good. Wait a minute ....."Did you clean up the mess?" The last time Tommy fixed pancakes, I came home to a glass Pyrex dish filled with solidified pancake mix and a wire whisk stuck in the middle. I could only imagine what the chocolate chip pancake mess looked like. I ask again, " Did you clean up the mess and add do the dishes?" "Yes", in the lovely teenage tone of, " Why would you even ask such a question?"

Tommy calls Mom at work. He asks how to open up the kitchen table.

What the ....."How many friends are over there?"Here comes the teenage attitude again. There were only two friends there. Apparently they were there for the pancakes also. Any way Tommy asks again how to open the kitchen table. Why would he need to open the table? It is large enough for our family to sit at. Dare I ask. I have to, it is my parental duty. Oh ....I see the 7 foot red tail boa slithered into the table and is trapped (hiding) in the storage area for the spare table leaf. I never saw that coming!

Mom comes home from work.

What the ...... Sink full of dishes. The pancake dishes non the less. Otter pop wrappers strewn through the house. Dish towels smeared with butter, daily chores not done.....I think I'll stop there. You can probable imagine the site.

Mom hollered orders to clean up mess such.

What the..... comes the teenage attitude. "I don't understand why Mom is up set." What is her problem. " ( Hey , maybe I should make that a weekly post for me. )

Everyone relaxed and happy. Tommy took care of mess and chores. He is off playing. Mom, Milo and Lil' watching a DVD and eating chocolate chips (What the heck, those are for cookies.)

What the..... " I have a rock up my nose", says Lil'. Get flash light, lets take a peek. "Did you really put a rock up your nose?" " Yes". Sure enough, there it was. No pictures, sorry I thought I'd spare you the bulging bloody rock seen.

"Come on Lil' blow hard. Don't stick things up your nose sweetie!"

Boy Mom I love you, 7 boys ( make it 8 with new foster "teenager"). Just how do you do it?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Oh, no! You're talking kitchens and messes. I must leave!

Yikes! My kitchen is a mess now. I hate to see what it will look like when I have 2 teenage boys!!!!

How DOES Boy Mom do it????

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Boy Mom said...

Hey, I thought long and hard to come up with What The... don't be stealing my one good line, ever.

Those are some pretty great, what the...'s though!