Monday, July 27, 2009

Cake ( should of been posted in June)

Milo had a birthday in June, yes I know I am a little behind. He had all sorts of crazy ideas for his cake creation, he turned 7, I am sure you can imagine his ideas. I finally convinced him that a transformers insignia might be do able. Finding a suitable insignia I then made the pattern.

He was pretty excited. The sequel to the Transformers had been release on his birthday. Even the older boys thought it was gonna be cool! I could envision it, but held my breath. Hours later.....

Milo loved it! Me well... aren't we always critical of ourselves. I wished I hadn't run out of black icing gel, I under estimated the supplies. As usual I was decorating the darned thing right up til party time. Boy Mom over at Boys -r-Us suggested the edible glitter. She even had some to give me. It gave it the metallic hue.

Sometimes it is easy to please the children. Below are some pictures of Milo's birthday party with his friends. I am mean, I save the cool cakes for the family parties. His friends got pizza and otter pops.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I LOVE this cake!! My boys think your cake skills are amazing!! And, they are!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Librafury said...

It turned out awesome! I love the edible glitter! I'm so lazy, my kids are lucky to get store-bought cupcakes!