Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Natural Pedicure

I had the day off from work, at the hospital, not from home. That never happens right? After a wonderful morning at the temple, picking up the little ones and dragging them to my doctors appointment, we drove by a local park. The little ones wanted to stop immediately, a few minutes before they were whining about being thirsty. Oh, no! Not gonna go play until they are fed and hydrated. So after a quick stop at BK, back to the park.

The park is located in Salem. We ventured through the wet land section first. Lots of icky, soggy, squishy mud. This is where Milo lost both flip flops in knee deep mud. I wasn't going to go diggin for them. We were not prepared for our adventure. Milo had to explore bare foot. No complaints there, I can't keep shoes on that kid. That was the second pair of flip flops lost in 2 months.

Back on the walk/run/bike/skate/scooter....... trail, we found the big pond. Fishing, duck feeding, small oar boats, and a sandy beach. As I said we were not prepared for such fun, no swim suits, towel, fishing gear, etc... We made due though. Searched for minnows, played in the sand. I made sure to cover the "crack " when I bent over to play in the sand or searching for bugs and fish. Ha-ha.... your not gonna get a nasty pic of me all you crazy bloggers.

After a while I called my mom, who was tending my niece and nephew, and told her to come on over. As I was sitting in the sand Lil' began to bury my feet. Ooh, felt so good. This is where it all began, the Natural Pedicure.

First Lil' exfoliated my feet. Stupid me didn't take a pic. I am sure you can imagine it. Dry tired feet in cool, damp sand, and toes wriggling. Lil' loved it so did I. It was fun to be with the kids and put off all the work that awaited me at home.

Second, had to wash the sand off, so on to the rocks to wash the happy feet with "pogg water", that's what my hubby calls it, and a gentle scraping of the dry skin with a stick.

Doesn't she have a great technique? So gentle too. You can't have a "natural pedicure" without a the final touch of a "pogg water plant sweeping"

Priceless!!! Well it cost me $13.52 for lunch at BK. Good luck getting one for your self I think I'll keep this little talented gem to myself.

When the pedicure was said and done, off to more exploring, and playing on the playground. Yep, aside from the pond there is a great park and playground. We had so much fun. We've already planned an afternoon there next week and we will be prepared! I love a lazy day.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WHAT?! You actually covered your crack?!

You are NO fun!


Mrs. Nurse Boy~~aka that crazy blogger!

Boy Mom said...

I know where Lilly learned to give great pedicures, although I'm a little sad that I've never had a "Pogg Water" Pedicure. I bet that my Moms swimming pool water is a close second to Pogg water though, and I have had that.