Friday, October 14, 2011

30 miles of Solitude

A few months back I decided to do a " sprint triathlon."

Call me crazy.

There is a gorgeous canyon that I have been riding. As the weather has cooled and the leaves are turning the ride is so incredible, (incredibly hard and exhilarating!)

I know, I haven't been posting for a long time, not that anyone would notice. Any who, life is crazy busy with work, soccer, household duties ( moms chores ), and so forth. I have been enjoying life. Even more so when I get to go for a run, swim, or a long ride.

"Here's "to a moment of solitude! I hope you enjoy the ride....

The climb...

Slow winding grades full of brilliant colors, such as life.

Solid foundations peeking. Giving strength to endure.


Each climb, reaching its peak, brings a long breath and a thirst- for life.

The rushing down hill turns tempting me, to feel the wind and the breath of life. ( Sometimes bugs too)

The down hill stretch, pumping me full of energy.

I can't explain the feeling... you'll have to experience it yourself.

Come ride with me.


Cowboy mom said...

Beautiful ride!

Boy Mom said...

Crazy! I love these pictures! You are the best friend ever. I keep hoping the crazy will rub off on me!

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