Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Music warms my heart and soul.

Several Sundays ago, as I was alone traveling to work, I heard this song on the radio. I felt the warmth and love of my Savior so immensely. A feeling that often gets lost in the busy lives we live.

When I am at church our lovely children are vying for my attention. It is extremely difficult to focus on the meeting or even the purpose why I am there. So every 7 weeks or so, I make it an appointment with the local religious radio station to boost my spirit as I head to work. A whole 15 minutes to myself. I turn up the volume and sing as loud as I please. Nobody is around to hear my mistakes or my off pitch voice. It is awesome.

I work at a hospital doing CT scans. I am constantly exposed to others with illness, cancer or acute trauma. I love my job and the opportunity it brings me to help and care for others. Yet it is also an environment that can often bring you down. So my date with the radio, is a great pick me up before a 10 hour day at work.

Many renditions of this song can be found on "YouTube." I searched for the one that touched me as it did that Sunday morning. Many of the prints displayed are among my favorites but the one I love the most is titled "Forgiven." Look for the print of the woman in a red dress kneeling at Christs knee.

I hope you'll take the time to listen. Maybe even alone, so you too can break out in song.


Boy Mom said...

I love those quiet moments when I'm alone with my Savior distraction free.

Thanks for reminding me to take a few minutes for me.

susan said...

I Love You & Jason


Adorable Hubby

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Ashleigh said...

So cool! It's been forever! Hopefully we'll be able to get together this summer. :)

Garnetrose said...

Tonight I will be sitting on my porch, watching my grand baby play and my earphones will be on as I listen to gospel music that fills my soul. I love it. It really does soothe my soul.

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