Sunday, February 21, 2010

happy birthday Tommy!


tOMMY is 14 today, I can't believe it.

I love this kid.

His genuine smile lights up the room.
You may be looking at the grouping of pictures at the opening of the blog.
Now, look closely at the 3 smaller pictures of the kids.
Here you'll see tOMMY's real smile, not the forced teenage, I am sick of taking pictures smile.
tOMMY has grown in to teenager hood quite well.
He loves to relax.
When he isn't playing soccer or hanging with his buddies you can find him relaxing on the couch or his bed.
tOMMY is longing for sunshine, a boy is after his moms heart.
Poor kid, today it is snowing.
No sunshine here.
I struggle to find words to describe my tOMMY.
I love pictures, they speak for me.
I remembered these pictures from last summer.
They warm my heart, make me smile, love, and relax.
He wishes I'd relax.
( Sorry, not gonna happen. Why? Cause I am mom.)
They also remind me that underneath that rugged teenage shell, is my tOMMY at heart.
These pictures are tOMMY to a T.
Enjoying life, and the sunshine.
Oh to be a teenager again.


The serious tEENAGER!

I love you tOMMY,
with a love more than words or pictures can say.
You are my son.
Forever and for always.

Who loves you the most?
"The ma. The ma, The ma, ma, ma!"
a long forgotten childhood bedtime chant of ours


Anonymous said...

Hey, I LOVE this kid too! Oh! . . . I mean this "teenager". He is so handsome and kool! And he plays great soccer. I love you, Tommy.
Grandma I

brobrofamily said...

Hey that means YOU are old! ha ha HAPPY BIRTHDAY- they grow up way to FAST

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Happy Birthday to your very handsome young man!!!

Mrs. NB

Boy Mom said...

Tommy is so cool!

He has a pretty cool mom too.

That was a fun trip. I'm thinking some sunshine and a nothing to do but lay around in the sun would really hit the spot right about now.

Mummy McTavish said...

Awwww, so sweet!

Happy Birthday Tommy.