Saturday, February 6, 2010

After this nightime?

Our little Lil' is a singer and a dancer. A note was sent home saying that it is time to bring your tappies ( tap shoes ) to dance. She was so excited.
Lil' found her tappies and tried to put them on. It was like watching Cinderella's step sisters forcing their feet in to the glass slipper. Swishing and squirming to no avail. Her foot no longer fit in to last years taps. She was so sad.
"We'll have to buy new ones," I said.
"When?" asked Lil'.
"Uh mm, well I work tomorrow, so on Friday. Okay?" I say.
"After this night time?" says Lil'.
"No, I work tomorrow. The next day." I say.
"So after after this night time?" she says again.
No, sweetie. I work after this night time. But the day after that we can go buy new tap shoes." I explain.
"Oh, so we will buy my new tappies after this night time and another night time. Is that right?" she asks.


Boy Mom said...

So sweet.

I need to come to one of her recitals.

Hope she's feeling better!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

SO cute!!! I can't wait until Sweet Pea has some dance shoes around here! That means tutus won't be far behind! I hope she has a new pair and is struting her stuff!

Mrs. NB