Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Proposition # 1

21 years ago, I voted YES!

The polling booth was a picnic table set in my, now in laws back yard.
The proposition was as follows........
Following research and much, much thought ( He's probably now thinking he should of thought longer and harder), it is proposed that Jay ask for Suz's hand in marriage.

The bond needed is priceless.
Lasting for eternity, seems like that long already.
Not complaining though.

Current status of the long lasting bond election....

He is so dang sexy in the blues. So is the cutie of ours next to him.You have got to love the distinguished gray. Ooo, I just want to gobble him up right now!

Some plagiarism here...
I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living and forever my sweetie you'll be.
The bond has been a success thus far...
Election day will forever be one of the high points in my life regardless of the the current political status of our nation.


Boy Mom said...

Awww! I was telling Rick as we walked into the voting place last night that you remebered election day because Jason proposed to you. I love that!

And yes, he is one cute and sexy guy! I know he's got no regrets!

You two are the best!

Love ya!

Nose Pierced Beauty said...

Awww, nice family. Election day is so romantic to propose.

I'm new here. May I follow you?