Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daddy's Dancing Princess

This little dancing princess of ours had her dance recital this past weekend.
She was so excited.
The princesses father "was" going to come see her dance then rush off to perform with his band.
The band "was" to start at 9pm, plenty of time to watch the recital.
Friday night while he was performing he found out that on Saturday ( same day as recital) they were to start at 7pm instead of the usual 9pm.
I was ticked off, to say the least.
What is more important, a benefit for the local children's hospital or your daughters dance recital?
A LONG while later after my grumpiness over the situation subsided, I realized that she was to have a rehearsal from 12-3pm. Perfect he could go watch her there.
Watch he did!
He is the most amazing father and husband.
He took her to the high school for the rehearsal to begin at 12noon. Well they, the entire dance company, were locked out of the school. He lovingly and patiently waited there at the school with our princess for an hour while the dance teacher in a rage of fury found someone to let them into the building.
This wonderful husband of mine then stayed at the school with our princess while the rehearsal took place.
I am sorry but I do not know too many fathers who would do that. Watch a recital yes, the hour wait to get into the building then a 2 hour rehearsal.
I love him.
I simply love him.
Here is the picture I took with my phone to send to daddy so he could see her in make up and costume.
"Make up," oh how she loved the make up.
I bought her her own blush, mascara and lipstick.
She was thrilled to say the least.
Of course I informed her that it was for her recitals only.
4 year old girls are too young for makeup.
Uh, she has asked to wear the blush and lipstick everyday since.
I found that putting mascara on 4 year old is not that easy.
However, we go the job done.


Boy Mom said...

Jason is an amazing daddy. Lily is beautiful just like her mommy and having Jason gone all night gave us the chance to text like naughty 14 year olds all night loved it.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Awesome hubby! Adorable daughter! I LOVE the photos. Do me a favor... don't tell Sweet Pea about the makeup, K? It is her obsession. I am hoping it will pass. Yes, I am a dreamer!

Mrs. NB