Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Some of My Favorite Things" ( MOST FAVORITE THINGS!)

I love my family.

We just recently went on a long needed family trip

One of our stops was in San Deigo.

As you can see, Riley and Tommy felt that after spending four days in Disneyland and never once get to ride in the rental strollers they were gonna have their turn and make the most of it.

I could care less about all the pictures of the castles and whales, princesses, mickey mouse. etc...., the pictures of our children playing and actually have fun instead of fighting will be the most cherished.

Can you say, " Got DADDY wrapped around my finger!"

This photo brings me,

Gotta love them.

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Boy Mom said...

The cool thing is that Tommy loves the stroller pictures too. i love the picture of Jason and the boys. They are gorgeous men.

I loved how supportive my boys were to each other on our last trip.

Its' so fun to have you blogging.
You should be careful though, you never know when a scary women who likes you to much will stalk your blog, leaving long comments,whilst dressed in nothing but a bathrobe.