Monday, December 8, 2008

" Princesss Lil' "

Princess Lil'

I grew up a "tom boy". You know bikes, race cars, hunting, fishing, even played boys baseball. I did have a few barbies and took dance lessons, but I don't remember playing dress up or pretending I was a princess. Now I could be wrong but I've never seen any pictures of me parading around as though I was on my way to the big ball at the palace. Having said that, in the past our family trips to Disneyland were the farthest you could get from being centered around the "Princess Magic."

Then came Lil'. While Daddy spent 4 hours or longer entertaining the brothers, Lil' and I experienced the magic of the Princess Fanfare. Remember I am a tom boy, add never going to Disneyland as a child, this was new to me. I thought you waited in the long lines to go on cool rides. Well... you also wait in long lines to see your favorite princess.

The first princess we saw was Bell at Goofy's Kitchen. Shy at first but this prepared Lil for the rest of our princess experience. Bell told us that later that day she was going to wear her YELLOW dress and dance with the Beast in the parade. Lil' was throughly in awe just thinking about Bell in her gown and dancing with the Beast.

Okay at the Princess Fanfare Lil' patiently waited to visit the princesses. "Who do you think we'll see first?" Ahhh.... Ariel just left. A little broken hearted but still eager to have the princesses sign her book and give her a hug. Here we go around the corner. Oh my gosh it is Sleeping Beauty ( Briar Rose or Aurora).

Can you believe how " beautiful" she is? Her gown is such a pretty pink. Somebody is in heaven. Now from pink to the next princess color.

" WOW! These princesses can actually talk. Amazing." Around our house Lil' is often heard using her princess voice as she plays with her princess dolls or is pretending to be the said favorite princess for that particular moment.

Uhmm I guess you could call the next princess a " classic modern " princess. The accient history that the movie Mulan is set in definetly deems is it a classic, but the movie isn't that old really.

Just soaking it all in.

Every hour a corination ceremony is presented. This is where My Lord and My Lady teach all the princesses and princes how to bow, wave and dance. Once we mastered the princess skills. We got to wave, bow and dance with the princesses.

"MOM, stop taking pictures and dance around the may pole with me." You're not going to believe this but Cinderella danced with us at our may pole.

After decorating a crown, Lil sits upon the royal princess throne.

Then waiting line again to see the next set of princesses. I was begining to think that it would be just horrible if we didn't get to see different princesses. Ahhh..... again we see Ariel leaving. Lil's heart sunk, but then she saw Princess Jasmine coming in to view. I felt the magic as I watched my little princess shiver with excitment and jump for joy. She definitely loves Jasmine.

You cannot pass up Princess Minnie. Truthfully I don't think Lil' had ever seen Princess Minnie so this was awesome.

Last but not least, Cinderella!!! She is a favorite. This made our princess experience the best. Cinderella gave Lil' the biggest hug. Cinderella talked and talked with Lil'. She noticed Lil' was wearing tinkerbell shoes and ask Lil' if she would give Tinkerbell a message if she saw her. WOW to be asked to deliver a message for a princess and to Tinkerbell to boot. Well I must say that princess Lil' was honored.

Can't you just feel the princess magic. This was an experience Lil' will never forget nor will I. So, if you have a little princess and you get to go to Disneyland please don't pass up the opportunity to " go princess".


(by a disney princess)

I love our little princess and cherish every "biggest hug ever" that I get.

How many times was the word princess or princesses use in the above blog? 36 times I think.

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Boy Mom said...

Aww, thanks for having a princess for us to share.

She's sooo cute. One day we'll have to go to Disney land just the three of us.

This is so fun to have you blogging, sorry it took me so long to comment. I have finally accepted that Christmas is coming whether I want it to or not and I'm not seeing much of my computer.

Love ya.