Friday, August 21, 2009

Hooray !! ( ? ) I had a birthday

Hooray, not! 39th, arrgh
Well maybe hooray, I received lots of love.

It all started with some vitamin X. What is that? It is me and my hubby sneaking to bed just a little early. I'll leave it at that. No pictures sorry.
On facebook I was greeted with numerous birthday wishes. It was fun to read all the birthday salutations. Some from people I haven't seen in 10+ years. Thank you!

I had to work on my birthday, arrgh! Oh well, it is really just another day right? While at work my dearest friend ( boy mom ) came in with my requested birthday cake. She is so awesome. It was a made from scratch German chocolate cake, my favorite, and coffee ice cream to boot. I requested that too, selfish huh!! Sometimes you get your cake and get to eat it too. Not me, I had just started a lengthy procedure. She said the cake was still warm. Ooo.... everyone that walked through my department was drooling. I told them to dig in. Everyone refused until I was able to have some first. What great co-workers.

Can you believe I forgot to take a picture before cutting into it?

Looks yummy, huh! Are you jealous? Wait til you see me eating it.

So delicious and still warm. Are you jealous now? Thank you Boy Mom, everyone loved it. We all want the recipe, that is if you are willing to share.

I also received a gourmet candied apple and chocolate covered Cinnamon bears from Michelle, a co-worker, Thanks!

My sister has been having a tough time lately and wasn't able to buy me a gift. I told her if she didn't mind tending my little ones for a hour so I could go for a run that would be a great gift.

Yes! I went for 41/2 mile run on my birthday and it was great. I had to burn all those cake and ice cream calories, present and to come. It was a big cake.

My hubby suggested pizza for dinner so we didn't have to cook, I wasn't gonna pass that offer up. I ordered a pesto pizza, with fresh tomato's and chicken. Oh you got to try it sometime.

Upon arriving home I found a beautiful flower arrangement. I love fresh flowers. He spoils me every year with an arrangement. I love him so much!

My in laws gave me raw cocoa. It is supposed to be the best ever! (it is some healthy, hippie, antioxidant stuff). Well it is, she has made me fudge using it before. But now she says I can make my own. What? Where is the fun in that! Just kiddin' . I am excited to use it. Maybe I'll give it to boy mom to make me more CAKE, um just a thought.

Another day older, I can deal with it. After all I was lavished with fresh flowers and chocolate.

Oh wait, all you bloggers are gonna be jealous, there is more. Just as I was headed to bed my oldest came in with a small but precious gift.

This unclear photo was taken with my cell phone, if you can't read it , it says 16 GB. Wow, I got to load this into the digital camera. I was excited. Bring on endless pictures.

Then to top it all off. The next afternoon I went with a couple of dear friends ( boy mom and my sister ) to get pedicures. What fun it is to get happy feet! Don't our feet look happy. If your feet are happy the rest of you is happy.

I can't wait 'til next year. You are welcome to come.


Boy Mom said...

Hooray, You had a birthday! I love making German Chocolate cake for you, you're the only one who likes the topping 2 inches thick just like me. It was fun to hang with you and Brookie and get our toesies rubbed.

You're the best friend ever. Happy B-Day!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

That cake couldn't look more delicious!! It looks like you had a WONDERFUL birthday! I am so glad! Wish I could have joined you. Can you believe I have NEVER had a professional pedicure?! I think I might be missing out...

Happy Birthday! Here's to a wonderful year!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mummy McTavish said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I keep meaning to pop over and say hi but I get very distracted over at Boy Mom's and forget what I am doing. "oh look, something shiny... nope, just a massive hunting knife..." see... there's lots to get distracted by.

Looks like I picked a good time to pop by, I love birthdays! Birthdays mean CAKE!!! Hope the warm fuzzies kept up for days!