Sunday, January 25, 2009


Our tradition. These pictures are almost 2yrs old.

When Riley was about 4yrs old I made my first crafty birthday cake. My cousin had been doing it for her kids so I thought I'd give it a try. Try it I did and I succeeded. It has become a fun tradition in our family to have creative birthday cakes.

I must admit I love making them. It often takes hours even days to create and make the cakes. I only have a few years archived on digital media, I hope to scan pictures of previous cakes and share them as well.

So for almost 14yrs I've been making cakes. As you can see when Lil' came along I had to scramble to make 2 cakes. Riley and Lil' are 14yrs and 3days apart.

Happy 16th Riley and a happy 2nd to Lil'. Riley has been great about sharing his birthday celebrations with his little sis.

I got the idea for Lil's birthday cake from an Elmo book that was previously given to her.

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Boy Mom said...

You make the GREATEST cakes ever! they taste good to.

I hope you get them all archived on here so I can copy them. Not that
I'd ever get that organized.